How to Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) In Norway

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) In Norway By Online

  1. In order to be eligible for the program applicants must successfully complete an initial training course to become professional drivers, in along with the driver’s training.
  2. Fill out the form as well as pay the test. The link to download the application is provided under the ‘Documents to Use’ section which you can download the application form.
  3. The test for theory can be conducted at any of the NPRA’s offices for Drivers and Licensing. Test coverage will mirror the present theory tests including questions related to the professional training for drivers.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Directorate of Public Roads (Vegdirektoratet)

Directorate of Public Roads (head office):Statens Vegvesen Directorate of Vegdirektoratet
P.O. Box 8142, Dep
NO-0033 OSLO

Directorate of Public Roads (office address):
Brynsengfaret 6A
Telefax: + 47 22 07 37 68
Telephone: 02030
Conditions of traffic 175

Regional Offices

NPRA Eastern Region Eastern Region

P. O. Box 1010
NO-2605 Lillehammer
Phone 02030 (from overseas (+47 915 02030 from abroad)
Telefax: +47 61 25 75 80

NPRA Southern Region Southern Region

PO Box 723
No-4808 Arendal
Phone 02030 (from overseas 07915 02030 (from abroad)
Telefax: +47 37 01 98 01

NPRA Western Region Western Region

Askedalen 4
No-6863 Leikanger
Phone 02030 (from outside the country 07915 02030 (from abroad)
Telefax: +47 57 65 59 86

NPRA Central Region Central Region

No. 6404 Molde
Tel 02030 (from overseas 07915 02030 (from abroad)
Telefax: +47 71 27 41 01

NPRA Northern Region Northern Region

PO Box 1403
NO-8002 Bordeaux
Phone 02030 (from outside the country 07915 02030 (from abroad)
Telefax: +47 75 55 29 51

Note This: The NPRA Eastern Region offers expert advice for professional drivers.

NPRA Web site


Driver certification of professional competence:

  • New professional drivers have to be able to complete 280 hours of education which is followed by a theory test. 20 hours of this training will be individual driving within a specific vehicle class.
  • It is also possible to finish an accelerated course of training that is 140 hours long, however this may result in a restriction of the entitlements available to 1823-year-olds. The ten hours be individual driving within the category of vehicle you want to obtain professional certification. If you decide to go with the training program that is accelerated you’ll need to take the identical test to those who have completed the full initial qualification.
  • To extend your driving licence to a new vehicle type (bus to the lorry category or reverse) an additional 70 hours (or 35 hours of accelerated driving) is required. Five of which must be individuals driving the vehicle of your choice. Also, there is an exam in theory with questions that pertain to specific vehicle subjects.


  • Theoretical Test 580 NOK
  • Issue of Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) The cost is 270 Norwegian Kronor.


This Driver CPC is valid for five years.

A regular training course of 35 hours is required every five years prior to renewals.

Documents to Utilize

Application Form


There are separate training courses designed for drivers who want at transporting passengers (driving category D1, D1E D DE) and drivers who wish to transport items (driving license categories C1, C1E C1 CE, C1E). A different, shorter training program is required to upgrade the driver’s license from bus to lorry or reverse the process. Training completed and passing exam are recorded with the Driver’s certificate of professional competency.

Documentation is needed

In Norway In Norway, the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) appears upon the Norwegian driving license by adding the code 95 to the license.

This document provides you with the information you need to apply for the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

Other uses for the document/certificate

Driving Licenses:

Initial qualification complete (280 hours): All entitlements.
People who have gained professional driver skills through an initial 280-hour qualification are able have an approved Driver CPC, transport people or cargo according to their driver’s license and the kind of driver education they’ve completed.

Initial qualification accelerated (140 hour): Limited entitlements
People who have obtained the Driver CPC by an accelerated initial qualification process and passing the test, can do so starting at age:

  • 18. Perform transportation of goods with the vehicle that has drivers’ licenses in C1 and C1E categories.
  • 21. Perform transportation of goods with the vehicle that has drivers’ licenses in categories C and CE.
  • 21. Carry out passenger transport in a vehicle that needs the driving privileges of categories D and D1E.
  • 21, provide regular passenger service that is limited 50 kilometers with a vehicle that has drivers’ entitlements in category D and DE
  • 23, perform passengers’ transport using the use of a vehicle that needs the driving privileges of categories D and DE.

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