How to Exchange Your Foreign Drivers License In Norway

Exchange Your Foreign Drivers License In Norway By Online

Norway has exchange of driving licence arrangements with the following nations:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Israel
  • Monaco
  • New Zealand
  • San Marino
  • South Korea
  • USA

Additionally, Norway accepts Japanese driving licences (category B) as well as Swiss driver’s licences (all categories) to exchange.

For those who wish to exchange your foreign driving license in exchange for the comparable Norwegian driver’s license you must be able to pass a test of driver’s test in the first year of acquiring regular residence in Norway.

You can also transfer your driver’s permit within two years after moving into a normal residence after passing a theory and practical test. You must take the mandatory course that includes:

  • First assistance (4 hours)
  • Course on skid pans and safety (4 hours)
  • Drivers at night (3 hours)

After two years of regular residence within Norway You no longer have the option of exchanging your driving licence from another country. You’ll be regarded as an initial applicant and will need to be able to complete the entire required driving licence course that includes both the theoretical as well as practical exams.

Exchange of an international license

  • After you have submitted your application After you submit your application, after you have submitted your application, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office will retain your original driving license and make copies of the documents you have provided. This is because in Norway you are only allowed to possess only one driving licence, and you won’t be able to get your original driving licence to return it.
  • If, for any reason, you are required to get your license reinstated then the exchange process is halted. You will be issued a copy of your driving licence and a temporary permit to drive that is valid for a maximum of three months. This allows you to drive within Norway.
  • The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office will contact the country that issued your licence to confirm the authenticity of your driving license. After the documents have been confirmed by the country of issue you will receive an email to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office with further details.

How to apply for an Norwegian driving licence

Required Documents For Exchange Your Foreign Drivers License

Licenses for EU/EEA:

  • Application for Driving Licence
  • Original driving license
  • A certified translator of the driver’s license in the event that it is and is not in English, French or German
  • Photo ID approved for approval
  • Certificate of registration for EEA citizens
  • Certificate of residency of the state Norway (bostedsbevis)
  • To obtain licenses while temporarily living in another EU/EEA member country:
    • Documents that demonstrate an ongoing stay in the country for at least six months. Examples include travel documents that contain departure and arrival dates, documents of an institution for education.

If evidence from the country issuing the document shows that the driver’s licence that is being examined is not genuine or invalid, then the situation is reported to the police.

For licenses that are issued outside the EU/EEA:

  • Application for Driving Licence
  • Original driving license
  • A certified traduction of the driving license in the event that it is and is not in English, French or German
  • Photo ID approved for approval
  • Residence permit
  • The document will prove the date you relocated to Norway

Office Locations and Contacts

The Directorate of Public Roads (Vegdirektoratet)

Directorate of Public Roads (head office):Statens Vegvesen Directorate of Vegdirektoratet
P.O. Box 8142 Dep
NO-0033 OSLO

Directorate of Public Roads (office address):
Brynsengfaret 6A
Telefax: + 47 22 07 37 68
Telephone: 02030
Conditions of traffic Conditions for traffic

Regional Offices

NPRA — Eastern Region

P. O. Box 1010
NO-2605 Lillehammer
Phone 02030 (from overseas (+47 915 02030 from abroad)
Telefax: +47 61 25 75 80

NPRA Southern Region Southern Region

PO Box 723
No-4808 Arendal
Tel 02030 (from outside the country 07915 02030 (from abroad)
Telefax: +47 37 01 98 01

NPRA — Western Region

Askedalen 4
No-6863 Leikanger
Phone 02030 (from outside the country 07915 02030 (from abroad)
Telefax: +47 57 65 59 86

NPRA Central Region Central Region

No. 6404 Molde
Phone 02030 (from overseas 07915 02030 (from abroad)
Telefax: +47 71 27 41 01

NPRA Northern Region Northern Region

PO Box 1403
NO-8002 Bordeaux


Exchanging your license

Drivers with driving licences issued by the EU/EEA and who reside in Norway can swap their driving license in exchange for a similar Norwegian driving license. The driving licence that is to be exchanged was issued prior to the time the applicant was able to establish residency in Norway. Also, the applicant has to satisfy the Norwegian requirements for age in the particular category of licence.

When the person applying is person who is a resident in Norway and obtained the driving licence during their temporary visit to another EU/EEA nation the applicant must show an official document that proves that they have been in the issuing country for at minimum 6 months. Examples include travel documents that contain the dates of arrival and departure or documents at an academic institution.

Alter Requirements

International Categories

Age 16:

  • AM Moped (AM146)
  • AM Moped (AM147) with a weight limit of
  • A1 Light Motorcycle

Age: 18 years old

  • AM Moped (AM147) with unlimited weight
  • A2 – Motorcycle
  • B – Car, van
  • C – Lorry
  • C1 – “Light” lorry
  • BE – Category A with trailer
  • CE Category C trailer
  • C1E – Category C1 and trailer

Age 20:

  • A – Heavy motorbike, gradually earned entitlements

Age 21:

  • Minibus D1
  • DE Category D trailer
  • D1E-Category D1 with trailer

Age: 24 years old

  • A – Heavy motorbike, all entitlements
  • D – Bus

National Categories

  • Category S:
    • Snowmobiles are restricted to Category 1 Age limit: 16 years old
    • Unlimited snowmobile Age: 18 years old
  • Category T:
    • Tractor, weight limit: 16 years old
  • Tractor with unlimited weight 21 years old*

Note: You must be 21 years old or two years of driving experience.

Driving entitlements or national categories are valid to drive in other countries if they are endorsed by the authorities in that country.

Application for an Norwegian licence to drive:

The applicant must:

  • must have resided in Norway during at minimum six months
  • You meet the Norwegian age requirements of the Norwegian
  • Meet the health standards
  • are able to obtain a certificate of good conduct with the police


Norwegian driving licence: NOK 305.

The amount is due at the time you get your Norwegian driving license is issued.


Norwegian driving licences for heavy vehicles [categories C1(E)-D1(E)-C(E)-D(E)] have to be renewed every 5 years in Norway. Driving licences that fall under these categories are valid for five years from the day the holders took up residence in Norway.

Documents to Utilize

Applications for drivers license


Norway accepts European Union’s laws on driving licences as part of the agreement between the EEA. Directive 2006/126/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on driving licenses was implemented in Norway on 19 January 2013.

Drivers with driving licenses issued in the EU/EEA region are allowed for driving in Norway provided that it is valid in the nation in which that issued it. Please keep in mind that high-end categories are only valid for 5 years starting from the date that you first took the decision to become a resident of Norway.

Driving licenses issued outside of the EU/EEA are valid to drive in Norway for up to three months following the time of entry into Norway. This is also the case when you have a the normal residence of Norway. After three months, you are able to stop using your driving licence from another country. You must either swap your driving license and apply to get a driving license in Norway.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office strongly suggests that you begin the application process for exchange when you’ve established a regular living in Norway. It is considered that you are an official resident of Norway as of the day you get the Norwegian national identification number or if you live in Norway for a minimum of one-hundred days during the calendar year due to professional and personal ties.

Documentation is needed

A driver’s license is a legally valid certificate issued by the government. It certifies a person’s capability to drive a motorized automobile that includes a motorbike or car, truck, or bus, on public roads. The laws that govern the issue of licenses differ in each jurisdiction.

A valid foreign driver’s license in Norway is contingent upon whether the driving license was issued outside or within the European Union.



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