How to Driver License (Car, Motor Bike, Scooter) / SIM In Indonesia

Driver License (Car, Motor Bike, Scooter) / SIM In Indonesia By Yourself

  • In order to apply for a driver’s licence (SIM) within Indonesia You must make contact with the police station in your area who will guide you through the steps involved in preparing the procedure. Below are a few procedures necessary.
  • You must submit a formal request for an SIM (Driver license).
  • You will be tested on your ability to write and read.
  • You’ll be also tested for your knowledge of traffic regulations and the basic mechanics in motor cars.
  • It will be a hands-on driving test in which you will be tested on your knowledge of the vehicle and your driving abilities.
  • Also, you will be tested to determine your physical and mental health.
  • Then there is a theoretical exam as well as a practice test that you must pass.

It is also possible to contact the driving school within your region who will be able to assist you to apply for an official driver’s license (SIM) however, they’ll cost you for the services they offer.

Required Documents For Driver License (Car, Motor Bike, Scooter) / SIM

  • KTP Card
  • Certificate of Spiritual and Physical health of doctors (medical exam)

Office Locations and Contacts

The lower part of the page next link is a choice Choose the area you would like to use SIM services which will show details about the nearest office to where you can apply as all police offices do not take all applications, ensure you select the correct police station to contact : Police Office Locations

You can also dial the number below which is an emergency call center of the police for information about Indonesia: 110



  • 16 years old at the time of Issue of a driving license. License class C
  • Age 17 for Issue of a Driving License classes A and D.
  • Twenty years old at the time of the issuance of a driving License class: B1.
  • 21 years old at the time of Issue of Driving License class B2.


The following link gives information on fees at the bottom of the page: Fees Information


For Indonesian citizens, a driver’s licence is valid for five years, after which it requires renewal. Foreigners can get a driver’s license is valid for the duration that you have an Indonesian visa.


Classifications The ability to drive a private passenger or cargo vehicle with a weight permitted not to exceed 3,500 kg
The Public (A UUM) means to operate public vehicles and transport goods in the limit of weight allowed to not exceed 3,500 kilograms.
B1 to drive a private vehicle or cargo vehicle that weighs more than permitted to exceed 3,500 kg
B1 public (B1 UUM) for driving motor vehicles for passengers and general freight permitted weights of more than 3,500 kilograms
B2 – to drive heavy equipment vehicles, towing vehicles or motor vehicles sporting attractive patches or trailer train people with patches or severe are permitted to train for more than 1,000 kg trailer/s
B2 Public (B2 UUM) is a vehicle that can be driven to tow or pull cart trailers with heavy patches which are permitted to train more than 1,000 kg of trailer
C to drive motorcycles (two-wheeled motor vehicle)
D special vehicle specifically designed for disabled persons

Need to have the Document

This process provides you with information about how you can obtain the driver’s permit (SIM) for Indonesia. Indonesia.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • For identification purposes or identifying the person
  • As evidence
  • To take forceful actions.



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