How to Extend or Renew Driver License In Indonesia

Extend or Renew Driver License In Indonesia By Yourself

  • Driver license-related information is managed by the police department in Indonesia. Choose the appropriate SIM center in the vicinity in which you reside to have your driver’s license extended, or renewed. Information on SIM centers is available under the section “Office Contacts and Locations” on this page.
  • You’ll have to undergo an eye test in order to renew your reasons.
  • After passing the eye test, you will be asked to fill out the forms for application and pay the appropriate charges. Your driver’s licence will renew within an hour .

Required Documents For Extend or Renew Driver License

  • Passport or KIMS
  • Photographic copy from Passport or KIMS

Office Locations and Contacts

Lower part of page is a menu. Choose the area you wish to apply for SIM services that will provide the nearest office to which you can apply as all police offices do not take all applications, be sure to select the appropriate police department to contact : Police Office Locations

You may also dial the number below which is an emergency call center of the police for information about Indonesia: 110


The cost of renewals is around Rp. 20000 and the eye test is a fee.Following link will provide information on charges at the bottom of the page: The Fees Information

Documentation is needed

This document provides information about how you can prolong or renew the validity of your Indonesian driver’s license.



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