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  1. If you are planning to apply to be married, be sure you’ve met the requirements that are stipulated within the Marriage Act. The National Registry (the Tax Office) who checks if the requirements for marriage have been fulfilled. These checks are based upon the parties’ declarations as well as the National Registry’s data and other pertinent documents.
  2. Applicants must complete all required forms: Declarations by the parties to the marriage, bridal declarations/declarations by sponsors. A link is available under “Documents to Use’ section which you can print the required forms.
  3. Make sure you submit the documents required.
  4. In the event that you are the National Registry (tax office) finds that the necessary conditions for marriage are met and the marriage is legal, it issues the Certificate of no impediment in marriage. The person who will be performing the wedding ceremony must be issued this certificate prior to the ceremony will take place.

Required Documents For Get Married

  • Completed Declaration
  • Other documents required:
    • Parental consent
    • Someone who is a resident outside of the country must carry the certificate of no impediment to marriage to be married in Norway.
    • Widowers/widows: Death certificate
    • For those who were married A divorce decree

Office Locations and Contacts

Tax Offices

Call: 80080000 For international callers contact (+47 2207 70 00.For English menu, press 9.

Note: Calls between 800 and 80 000 a landline within Norway are completely free. For mobiles and internationally-bound calls, rate of subscription applies.


  • Age requirements: Parties must be at minimum the age of 18. If anyone younger than 18 years old wants to be engaged, they need to obtain the approval of the person or people who are responsible for their parents over them as well as of the Governor of the County. The County Governor is only able to grant consent when there is a strong reason for marriage. The County Governor is not able to offer his approval for a person who wishes to marry is younger than 16 years old. Any person who marries a person under 16 years of age , or is found guilty of aiding and aiding in this can be sentenced to prison for as long as four years.
  • Take action freely: The decision to marry must be made on a voluntary basis. In the General Penal Code, anyone who pressures someone to marry could be punished by imprisonment of as long as six years.
  • Parties cannot be closely connected: Parties should not be relatives or siblings with a direct ascending line or descend line (i.e. the parents as well as children).
  • Not yet legally married. One cannot be married if has already been married, or is is a member of an established partnership. Anyone who is married, despite the fact that they are already married could be punished with a sentence of between four and six years. If the spouse of the other did not realize this and was unaware, a sentence of up to six years could be inflicted. Aiding and abetting in committing a crime is punishable similarly. People who are married and reside in Norway could be penalized according to this rule when they get married in the union of a second time abroad.
  • Legally living legally in Norway: Anyone getting married in Norway must be able to stay legally within Norway legally. This is subject to the laws that govern foreigners.
  • Other requirements:
    • If a prior wedding or registered partnership been terminated by divorce or death it is necessary to administer and divide the prior matrimonial property should have been initiated or before.
    • If one or both couples has divorced outside of a country, the divorce has to typically be accepted by the county governor. This is done in accordance with the Act that deals with the recognition of divorces from abroad and separations.
    • Anyone who lives abroad must carry an unimpeded certificate to marriage to be married in Norway. The certificate says that, in accordance with regulations of the state in which the resident lives it is not a hindrance to a person being wedding in Norway.

Note: It’s not illegal for couples to marry but it is crucial to remember that if parents share a common ancestor with one in any way, they are at a greater chance of having children that suffer from congenital defects, stillbirths, deaths and kids with a shorter life span.


The Certificate of Non-Impediment for Marriage issued by the National Registry is valid for four months from when it was given.

Documents to Utilize

Declaration Forms


The wedding can be formally entered into at the church or in a civil ceremony.

  • Ceremony in a church: This ceremony can be conducted by a priest from the Church of Norway or a minister or priest from an established religious community. If the wedding will be held in a church or religious congregation, the group must be licensed and registered to conduct wedding ceremonies. It is the Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs and County Governors have a list of the religious and belief communities licensed to conduct wedding ceremonies. Clergymen from certain Norwegian churches Abroad are also able to perform weddings at the church. People who want to marry are able to contact a person who is authorized to conduct marriage ceremonies (civil or religious) at the location they wish to be married.
  • Civil ceremony: The ceremony is typically conducted by a judge in the District Court. A civil ceremony can be conducted at certain Norwegian diplomatic missions abroad. These Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ country pages provide a list of Norwegian foreign service missions that are authorized to hold wedding ceremonies.

Documentation is needed

This process will provide you with information on how you can marry in Norway.

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