How to Guidance To Apply Student Loan In Indonesia

Guidance To Apply Student Loan In Indonesia By Online

  • The borrower should be prepared with all the documents that they will be required to show or provide to the bank when applying for an loan.
  • When you fill out the application, be sure you’ve filled in all the information required on the application form. The majority of forms are available for download from the bank’s site.
  • In submitting an application:
    • In Person: Most loan applications can be completed in person by the applicant or their guardian visiting the bank. You may arrange an appointment with the bank by giving them a an incoming call. Complete the application form together with the necessary documents. Be aware that banks may require you to provide additional documents in addition to those listed in the section ‘Required documents. It will be better if you can get in touch with the bank’s representative/lending officer/customer service by phone first before you go to bank’s branch. They will provide you with the necessary documents as well as answer your questions, and then direct you to the branch within the area you live in.
    • online: To save you time, you could consider if you are able to begin your application for a loan online. Certain banks require applicants to fill out a pre-approval application that is submitted electronically, and include some of the documents required via email. After review of your application loan officer will call you to discuss the application.
    • On the phone: Some banks makes it easier for customers to request a loan by requiring the borrower to call the bank’s customer service. It is possible to be asked by the bank to fill out an application form that you can then fax them. Be aware that it is recommended to contact before the institution to check the validity of the fax, and then follow up with them to confirm that your application is received by the machine.
  • If your application is accepted The bank will then ask for you to agree on the contract. Be sure to read the loan contract carefully before signing it. Take note of interest rates and grace period, the date you’ll be able to start repaying the loan , as well as any penalties in the event in default.
  • Some banks will release the loan amount after making a deposit to the bank account of your choice.

Required Documents For Guidance To Apply Student Loan

A few of the documents banks might require applicants to present or submit:

  • The completed application form must be submitted.
  • A copy of Personal Identity Card (KTP)
  • Copy of NWP
  • A Proof of Income Document
  • Copy of the Bank Statement (For self-employed applicants.)

It is possible that the bank will require additional documents. You should check the bank’s website before visiting their branch to request the loan.


Certain banks require applicants to be aged between 21 and 55 years old.


  • Certain banks charge the borrowers an administrative fee which could be as high as 3 percent of the total loan amount.
  • Percentage could vary depending on the bank.


Certain banks offer loans with a the repayment term of 12,24,36 month.

Processing Time

It can take up to 10 working days for banks to review your application.


Before submitting an application to borrow:

  • You must provide and submit all necessary documents that the bank has requested.
  • Note your interest rates, terms and repayment program that the bank offers. Check out various banks and conduct some research on the bank’s application procedure.
  • You might also need to consider the bank’s customer service before you apply for a loan, since student/education/tuition fee loans are usually long term, it will make transactions easier and can spare you from a lot of headache in the future if your bank has good and accommodating bank representatives or loan officers.

Loan amount: You might not be required to accept the whole amount of loan that the bank is providing you. Keep in mind that what you’re getting isn’t an offer of grant, but it is a loan. This means that you’ll have to repay the entire amount and interest in the near future.

The Document is required

  • A few banks in Indonesia offer loans for education and study which can be used to pay for the costs of school, including tuition as well as accommodation, travel, and everyday expenses.
  • This guide can assist students in applying for student/educational finance in Indonesia.



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