How to Guidance to Apply for Student Loan In Norway

Guidance to Apply for Student Loan In Norway By Online

You can upload documents

  • In the application, when in the application, and when
  • on your pages after you’ve completed your application

You can also mail your application via mail once you’ve submitted your application.

Documentation to be submitted when applying

The most straightforward method is to upload the documents when you submit your application. After that, Lnekassen will quickly start processing your application.

Do you have evidence that you didn’t know you would upload prior to submitting your application? Or do you require to spend a bit more time getting the necessary documentation and upload it to your pages.

The documentation must be sent by mail, and then make a duplicate of all documents, and mail the document the document to Lnekassen. You must then sign the papers with your personal identity numbers or the customer’s number.

There are no “true duplicate” pistons or other evidence of the copies that you send to Lnekassen.

Most applications are processed by computers however some need to be reviewed by a specialist. It could be due to are not able to provide the necessary information or there is the information needed must be inspected. In this case, your application is placed in a behandlings container and you are given the turnaround.

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Application for a Student Loan at a Bank

In order to apply for a Student Loan, applicants must submit documentation regarding their education plans including assets, tax returns and assets. It is also essential to fill out and submit an application for student Aid.

Conducting some research can help students to understand what lenders offer and also what are the advantages and disadvantages of various loan plans.

So, they’ll be able to take advantage of the best student loans with minimal trouble.

Required Documents For Guidance to Apply for Student Loan

  • A high school transcript or any other evidence to show you’ve graduated from general university level in Norway (not applicable to the Nordic countries)
  • Letter of admission to the final stage without academic conditions (unconditional) in the case of a victim
  • Confirmation of how much you’ll have to pay for tuition fees.

Office Locations and Contacts

LnekassenPO Box 430 Alnabru
0614 Oslo
Fax: 22 64 26 36
Visiting addresses


Norwegian and international students are able to apply for a loan or scholarship from Lnekasse.

Documents to Utilize


Processing Time

up of 6 to 8 weeks.


Secondary education

Other and higher types of education

Summer course

The Information You Need

  • Your name is
  • Limits to which you will take For example, Bachelor
  • You must be able to study for a long time
  • The specialization
  • The duration of the study is estimated to be between one and three years. completion

Need to have the Document

A student loan is a student loan which can be used to pay for costs associated with education, like tuition fees rooms and board at the university and textbooks.

A student loan is intended to assist students in paying for their university tuition as well as books and costs of living. The loan may differ from other kinds such loans because the rate of interest can be significantly lower, and repayment timeframes could be delayed when the student is in school.

Information that could be helpful

The purpose of the educational help scheme is make sure that

  • Everyone has equal chance to receive an education, regardless of geographical place gender, age, degree of disability, or the social and financial circumstances of an individual.
  • The working and social life of society has access to the competencies it requires;
  • The education is offered under a good conditions of work so that pupils and students can be able to pursue their studies in a productive way.

To learn more about how to apply to receive an education loan you can contact for more information at the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lnekassen). The Ministry of Education and Research is the one responsible for establishing support programs in accordance with the political goals of the Government.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

Educational grants and loans are meant to offer adequate financial funding to help cover the cost of living when students pursue their education.

External Links

Grants and loans for education

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lnekassen)

Deadlines for grant applications and loans

Ministry of Education and Research


The determination of fees

Fees are set by Ministry of Education regulations regarding the repayment and interest rates for educational loans as well as loss of rights. See Regulations Chapter 6 Payment reminders, maturity and charges. Policy fees are set in the Regulations to the Debt Collection Act are not applicable to educational loans.



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