How to International Driver License (IDL) In Indonesia

International Driver License (IDL) In Indonesia By Online

  • Information related to driver licenses are dealt with by the police department in Indonesia. Choose the right SIM center near to the location in which you reside to obtain the International Driver License (IDL). Information on SIM centers is available under the section “Office Contacts and Locations” on this page.
  • Visit the appropriate office, where they can confirm your documents.
  • If they’re satisfied with the document you provide, you will be issued an International Driver License (IDL).

Required Documents For International Driver License (IDL)

  • Valid existing Indonesian Driver License

Office Locations and Contacts

The lower portion of the page following link , you can Choose the area you wish to apply for SIM services that will provide the nearest office to which an application is made because all police offices do not take all requests. Please ensure you select the correct police station to contact : Police Office Locations

You may also dial the following number , which is a call center for police to get information about Indonesia: 110.


  • You must have an current Indonesian Driver License.


The following link gives information on fees at the bottom of the page: Fees Information


The following link provides you with details about International Driver License acceptance in different nations : International Driver Permit Recognition

The Document is required

This process provides you with details about how you can obtain the International Driver License (IDL) in Indonesia.



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