How to Import live Flowers, Floral arrangements or Greenery In Bermuda

Import live Flowers, Floral arrangements or Greenery In Bermuda By Online

  1. Contact first with Plant Protection Laboratory (PPL) to confirm that the information you’re looking to import meets the entry conditions in Bermuda.
  2. Once you have received confirmation from the PPL was processed, you are able to purchase the product. Mare ensure that your supplier has all invoices.
  3. After the arrival of the import and the import is completed, you can apply for the release form through the PPL by obtaining and filling out the form for release provided in the “Documents that you need to utilize” subsection below.
  4. Send the request for release for Release to Plant Protection Laboratory with the invoice for the imports purchased not later than eleven a.m. in the morning on the date that the shipment is scheduled to be received by either fax or in person using the address in the “office addresses and contact information ” subsection below. The majority of applications are processed within 30 mins of receiving.
  5. Complete your declaration form H.M. Customs and obtain the permit to import.
  6. The import is then transported direct to Plant Protection Laboratory for inspection. It is important to note that the boxes cannot be opened or removed, and the laboratory cannot examine the items.
  7. Then pay for the inspection costs and then have the material be inspected.
  8. If diseases or pests are identified, the flowers are subject to removal or treatment and destroyed if needed, based on the type of pest or disease discovered. In the event that the shipment is not deemed to be infected, it will be delivered to you as soon as it is received.

Required Documents For Import live Flowers, Floral arrangements or Greenery 

  • Release Form
  • Shipment Invoice

Office Locations and Contacts

Plant Protection Laboratory:
Botanical Gardens Botanical Gardens, 169 South Rd., Paget, Bermuda DV 04
P.O. Box HM 834, Hamilton, Bermuda HM CX
Phone: (441) 239-2322
Fax: (441) 232-4866


  • Citizens and residents are able to import flowers.
  • Contact PPL PPL to confirm your entry requirements prior to placing your purchase order.


  • Form of release is Free
  • Fee for inspection ranges from 3 to $25 per box

Documents to Utilize

  • Release Form: Application Form
  • How to  Import live Flowers, Floral arrangements or Greenery In Bermuda
    How to Import live Flowers, Floral arrangements or Greenery In Bermuda

Processing Time

  • 30 minutes


  • To avoid any inconvenience or your shipment not being allowed entry into Bermuda To avoid inconvenience and a delay in entry to Bermuda, it is recommended to check with the PPL first about the material you are planning to import as well as the state they need to be in upon arrival in Bermuda
  • Be aware that the flowers are perishable and should be properly stored and processed at the right time to ensure their preservation.

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