How to Importing used Machinery or Vehicles In Bermuda

 Importing used Machinery or Vehicles In Bermuda By Yourself

  1. The used cargo should be treated with steam cleaning and get a certificate of treatment from that country’s origin 30 days before the shipment the direction of Bermuda.
  2. Request an import permit by obtaining an application form for the import of used machinery from the Bermuda government’s Bermuda site: Website or through this hyperlink Request Form
  3. How to  Importing used Machinery or Vehicles In Bermuda
    How to Importing used Machinery or Vehicles In Bermuda
  4. Complete the application form in accordance with the instructions and send your completed application at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources office for processing. along with the certificate of treatment . Pay the application fee.
  5. The department will review that your request is correct and, if valid, will issue you the permit to import.
  6. Begin the import process of your cargo. Upon arrival in Bermuda bring the import permit as well as your treatment certification to Bermuda’s shipping line to allow release of your cargo.
  7. Then , customs will call with the Plant Protection Section to carry an examination of the package. The inspection cost is $100 prior to releasing the shipment
  8. Once the inspection is complete and it is concluded that the cargo has been handled and is in compliance with standards, it is granted to you.

Note The shipment must comply with the standard requirements for importing used machinery. Failure to meet this requirement, the shipment may be denied entry and returned to the country from which it came at your expense , as the importer

Required Documents For Importing used Machinery or Vehicles

  • Complete the Application form
  • A valid certification of treatment

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Home Affairs:
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Botanical Gardens
169 South Road
Paget DV 04
Tel: (441) 236 4201


  • All importers of used machinery


  • Processing cost The processing fee is $65
  • Inspection fee: $100

Note Any costs that are incurred in the process of re-exporting any item or shipment that is imported with no prior authorization of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (Plant Protection Lab) is entirely the responsibility of the person who owns the item or of the item or shipment

Documents to Utilize

  • Form to apply to Import used equipment and vehicles: Form

Processing Time

  • Within a week


You are responsible to make sure that every shipment you receive is free of any contaminants that could cause quarantine before arriving in Bermuda. This means that it is free of:

  • Live insects
  • seeds
  • soil clay
  • animal faeces
  • Material from animals and plants like straw, twigs leaves, roots or even bark
  • Food waste
  • Other debris

They are minimum requirements that must be met to allow entry. In the event that you do not meet these standards, it could result in your shipment being rejected and being returned to the country that it came from at your expense.

The Information You Need

  • Shipment details
  • Applicant details
  • Modality of importation
  • Country of Origin
  • Dates and Signatures

The document is needed

  • The required import permit for the import of used machinery into Bermuda

Information that can be useful

Certain cargoes that require an import permit as well as fumigation are:

  • Bike, boat vehicles, cars tractor, and other vehicles
  • Used equipment
  • The used construction, landscaping and other outdoor equipment as well as the storage containers that house these objects (sheds shelters, sheds, etc. ),
  • Mobile offices used for mobile work showers, portable toilets or similar.

Certain cargoes will need to be steam-clean prior to entry into the market. The specific cargoes that will be targeted include:

  • Boat trailers and other cradles except for the ship’s equipment
  • The vehicles or objects that are able to hold dirt, debris or other substances.

Note Fumigation steam-cleaning, other treatments, or fumigation costs in your country of origin or any treatment done locally will be your responsibility.

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