How to Import or Export Electricity In Uganda

Import or Export Electricity In Uganda By Online

  1. Application of Electricity Import or Export License is to be submitted to Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) office. Visit their website by clicking the following hyperlink
  2. The applicants must complete and submit their application on the form prescribed accessible from the ERA office. Forms of this kind are not on the internet.
  3. Complete the application in full and with all relevant documents, listed under the “Required Documents” Section on this page and to the ERA office. If you fail to submit the required documents will make the application process insufficient.
    • The law states that no person can trade or import electric power without a license to export or import permit depending on the situation be, issued by the authority
  4. After receiving the application after receiving the application file, after receiving the application file, ERA accepting officer is going to check whether all the documents and information are in orderprior to making the application official to be forwarded to assess of processing and review to the ERA Licensing Board.
  5. The Authority must within 14 days of the date of receiving any application to acknowledge,, in writing that it has received the application. The acknowledgement letter serves as proof of receipt of the application as well as to reference the application in the event of a need.
  6. During the assessment process , the Authority is informed by these rules:
    • The issue is whether the license will result in positive benefits to the economy of the country and those who use the industry.
    • If the applicant is able to offer the service in respect of the license application submitted, in a secure and sustainable way.
  7. If, following receipt of the application after receipt of the application, the Authority believes that it needs additional information to review the application The Authority can within 28 days of the date of reception of the application, and through in writing, request additional information from the applicant , or third partiesas they may be specified by the Authority and the notice must:
    • Provide the required information from the applicant.
    • In the event that it is appropriate, inform other parties of the application and solicit comments from them.
    • Indicate the date within the specified time period that the information or the feedback is to be sent at the Authority.
    • Please indicate the date that the Authority plans to take an official decision on the application.
  8. The Authority shall, in the instances it believes it is necessary, through announcement on the Gazette and two other newspapers with circulation, announce the license that it intends to grant and solicit interested persons to submit comments about the licence within the period stipulated by the announcement.
  9. The Authority will inform the applicant by writing of the Authority’s determination within fourteen days of the day the decision was taken, and if it is decided that the Authority chooses to not issue the licence it must state its reasons in the notification.
  10. If the application is approved, the applicant is required to go to the ERA office and show an ERA approval letter and identity document that must be verified by an ERA designated official. Then, they pay for the fees for the license and get the Electricity Import or Export License.
  11. The license will be subject to the terms and conditions that the Authority determines appropriate. The licensee is also under the supervision and oversight through the Authority.

Please be aware:

  • Any person who is unhappy by the decision by the Authority not to issue the license or the terms and conditions that are subject to the license can, within 30 days from the date of notification or the communication of the final decision the person who was affected seek a appeal or review against the determination in the High Court.

Required Documents For Import or Export Electricity

  • Letters of application for export and import of Electricity must be addressed to the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) in addition to include the following information:
  • Address and name of the person applying.
  • The description for the specific sectoral activity that the applicant plans to undertake.
  • The area of the geographic region in which the applicant intends to perform the task and the specifics of the locations where the activity will be conducted.
  • The evidence that the applicant is the following:
  • Financial capabilities (support letters from financiers, projections, bank statements and projections, etc.)
  • The requirement for ownership or use rights over the main facilities to be used to carry out the task. (Title deeds or lease agreements, etc.)
  • Technical skills and the knowledge to perform the job to which the license is required. (Competence or knowledge, or conformity with standards, engineering drawings etc.)
  • Valid Identity card or Passport to non-citizens(in the case for an individual)
  • Valid Certificate of Incorporation (in the case of a business or company)
  • Additional supporting documentation required to the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA).

Office Locations and Contacts

Electricity Regulatory Authority
A brand new ERA House, Plot 5C-1 Third Street, Lugogo Industrial Area
P.O.Box 0332 Kampala, Uganda
Telephone: +256 417 101800, +256 393-260166
Hotline for complaints Contact: +256 200 56000
Electricity distribution company.
P0 B0X 23841
Kampala Uganda
For general inquiries call
702185185 (toll free) or 0800185185
Site: link


  • All individuals (citizen as well as citizens and) and registered companies/companies are eligible to apply.
  • Commercial activities in the electricity industry.
  • Does any electrical installation exceed 100 Kilowatts (including to be used for personal use).


  • The fees for Import/Export permits range between USD 12,000 and 75,000


  • The validity of the license is stated upon the license. The license is valid for the time period stated until it is revoked, suspended or canceled or canceled by an Authority.
  • The license expires and will be renewed

Processing Time

  • The total time to process the application is 2 months.


  • The grant of a license is subject to the conditions and restrictions that the Authority finds necessary, such as:
  • The term that the licence is valid for.
  • The tasks that licensed licensees are authorized conduct.
  • The scope of the activities for which the license is granted
  • If a licensee is authorized to carry out more than one purpose it is necessary to separate the activities that are regulated from other actions of the licensee is necessary to ensure accounting and compliance.
  • Conformity of the licensee to the laws and codes, standards, and the decisions by the Authority.
  • The licensee is required to submit, along with people who are connected to the network of the licensee of technical codes to be submitted to be approved by the Authority.
  • The terms and conditions under which the Authority can modify the terms and conditions, or suspend or revoke the license.
  • The payment of the license fee by a licensee to the Authority

The Information You Need

  • Name along with the postal address provided by the company/applicant
  • Contact information (telephone/cell number, email address, website, fax)
  • Identification document number (in the case that of an individual)
  • Certificate of registration (in the case of a business)
  • The full name of the landlord/owner (In the case of the lease)
  • Description of the specific task for which the license is required for.
  • The area of the earth in which the work is executed.
  • Financial capabilities (support letters from financiers, bank statements projections and projections, etc.)
  • Technical abilities (competence or expertise, conformity to standards Engineering drawings, etc.)
  • The applicant’s declaration

The Document is required

  • A power import and export license allows you to purchase or sell large quantities of electricity or power directly to countries other than Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda as well as in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) via a distribution system or an independent distributor licensee.

Information that can be useful

  • Uganda has as a single Wholesale Bulk Provider Model in the field of Electricity Transmission. It is the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) is licensed to provide Bulk Power Supply, Import and export of electricity and also an Operator of System. For FY2019/20, UETCL bought as well as sold 4,329.4 GWH and 4171.4 GWh.
  • UETCL sales were a major source of revenue for Umeme (91 percent) while distribution to various local distributors making up just 3%, and exports at 6 percentage.
  • Uganda exports electric power in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In contrast electricity imports come coming from Kenya in addition to Rwanda. The net export of electricity is calculated by dividing the electrical power Uganda imports as well as exports for neighbouring countries.
  • The country recorded an electricity export net of 221GWh for FY2019/20, which is a decrease of 7% from the net exports that were recorded during the previous fiscal year. The country has seen a decrease year-on-year in net exports in the period of 2016/2020.

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