How To Obtain a China Landing Permit In China

How To Obtain a China Landing Permit In China

To get an China permission to land, you’ll require specific details according to the kind of flight. The types of documents required are a schedule, passenger and crew list, and an endorsement letter from the sponsor to the CAAC. The Local sponsor, who has agreed to be responsible for you during your time on your trip to China and is located in the city you’ll be visiting. Additionally, the letter must be addressed to a company letterhead and include a contact number and contact details. Note that a sponsor could be a tourist business or an hotel. The CAAC might or may not call your sponsor to confirm the details. A single letter from a sponsor typically covers your trip within China for up to five stops , but it will not be able to be able to cover several trips in China. For a plan that includes over five destinations the CAAC might require one sponsor letter for each stop, and one from a company whose headquarters are in each city that you’ll be in.

  • You must submit a fully-filled Standard SITA form to CAAC and include these five items:
    • Operator Info (Telephone/Fax/Billing Address)
    • The Owner & Aircraft Info (registration/Type of A/C, purpose, seats)
    • Crew Information and Schedule (Full names and Passport no.s and Expiration. Dates, Nationality, DOBs)
    • Flight Route
    • Local Sponsor and Handler Contact Information
  • Once approved, the Landing Permit is only valid for the original schedule
  • No modifications are permitted without a permit revision

Documents that are required Obtain a China Landing Permit

  • Aerocraft Certificate of Registration
  • Aircraft Certificate of Airworthiness (If you are unable to provide the information)
  • Insurance Certificate that shows coverage worldwide or coverage specific to a particular country
  • A Medical License, Pilot’s Licence and Pilot’s License

Office Locations and Contacts

Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)155 Dongsi Street West
Dongcheng District
Beijing 100710

What Are All The Eligibility

Permits to Land are granted only to flights for business.


  • It is the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) needs at minimum five working days to process landing permits regardless of the kind of flight.
  • A an advance time of at most of 96 hours is needed for overflight permits , both for private non-revenue flights as well as charter (non-scheduled commercial) flights. It’s possible to get an overflight or landing permit within the lead-time of 96 hours however, this is up to the CAAC.
  • It is required to supply your CAAC with a letter of sponsorship on each trip to China.
  • Tourist flights aren’t allowed into China. If you’re the first time operator traveling to China (or having a new partner) We recommend that to begin the process for obtaining permits as soon as you can particularly if you intend to travel through multiple cities in China.

Requirements Information

  • Operator Info (Telephone/Fax/Billing Address)
  • owner & Aircraft Info (registration/Type of A/C, Purposeof)
  • Crew Information and Calendar (Full name, passport numbers and the Exp. Dates, Nationality, DOBs)
  • Flight Route
  • Contact for local Sponsors and Handlers Contact Information

Documentation is needed

Landing Permits are the permits or authorizations needed by aircrafts to take off or make a stop within any airspace of a country. Each country has its specific regulations for the issuance of landing permits, as there’s usually a fee to be made.

Information that can be useful

Sponsor Letters

  • The only documentation needed is SITA Permit Request
  • Do not fax to CAAC
  • Local business contact must be provided.
  • Do
  • Be written in Chinese
  • Display the seal of the company
  • Include the company’s name and address
  • Include name of job title, contact information for your sponsor

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