How To Obtain Permit / License for Foreign Doctor In China

How To Obtain Permit / License for Foreign Doctor In China

The entity applying for the application or a foreign physician submits the application with the Institute of Health Inspection.

  • The Institute of Health Inspection examines the applications documents.
  • The Institute of Health Inspection shall permit registration of qualified applicants after an examination, and issue a Temporary Licence for Foreign Physicians to practice medicine within China. Peoples Republic of China, and notify in written form of the applicant or organization applying for the license if the documents fail the exam.

The registration authorities will review the application within 30 days following the acceptance of the application, and notify the applicant or the institution that submitted the application of the outcome in writing. The registration will be given to an applicant who has been approved and a permit to a doctors from abroad to practice medicine for a short time period must be issued.

The most important content to be reviewed includes:

  • the authenticity of textual materials;
  • the security and reliability of the application
  • the advanced nature and the necessity of the application.

Documents that are required Obtain Permit / License for Foreign Doctor

  • Application letter
  • Foreign doctor degree certificate
  • Medical practice license or doctor’s license document
  • Health evidence for foreign doctors
  • The certificate and agreement, as well as the liability claim stemming from the invitation or employment of institution(s)

Office Locations and Contacts

Foshan Institute for Health Inspection No. 5 Huijing Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City

Get in touch with to the National Health and Family Planning

What Are All The Eligibility

Foreign doctors practicing the practice of medicine within China for a brief period are required to be hired or invited by medical establishments in China. The number of the inviting or employing institutions can be more or less than one.


  • The time frame for foreign doctors who are short-term and have a permits in China must not exceed one year.
  • If the permit has to be renewed after expiration the new registration should be made in accordance with the rules.


  • Foreign doctors who want to apply for short-term medical practice in China must have an agreement signed with the hiring institution(s) in accordance with these interim steps. In the event that there is more than one employer institutions, agreements must be signed by all of them.
  • For foreign doctors hired or invited to training in China Both parties are able to decide if they wish to conclude agreements or not. If two parties agree not to sign an agreement the person who invited or the institution is responsible for the civil liability.

The Information You Need

The contract of foreign doctors who practice the practice of medicine within China for a brief period must contain the following information:

  • purpose;
  • specific projects;
  • location;
  • time;
  • Liability division.

The Document is required Obtain Permit / License for Foreign Doctor

Foreign doctors practicing medicine in China need to obtain a permit for foreign physicians to practice medicine on a short-term.

Information that can be useful

For medical teams from outside the country that are invited to or applying for short-term medical practice in China the health departments in the province or autonomous region in which the cooperating or inviting institution is located must examine the their application in accordance with the applicable regulations and submit a report on the Ministry of Health for approval.

Other uses for the document/certificate

If a person is found to be in violation of the provision pursuant to Article 3, the local city-level and above health departments are required to prohibit, confiscate illicit gains and impose fines that can be up to 10,000 Yuan. If institutions are invited or employed for the purpose of promoting health, the health administrative departments must issue an alert and confiscate all illegal profits and impose fines of up to 5 000 Yuan.

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How To Obtain Permit / License for Foreign Doctor In China
How To Obtain Permit / License for Foreign Doctor In China

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Foreign doctors’ administration


  • The measures are designed with the purpose of enhancing the supervision of foreign doctors working inside China. Peoples Republic of China for short-term periods, while protecting legal rights and rights of both foreign doctors as well as patients in China and encouraging the exchange and advancement of Chinese and foreign medical technology.
  • Foreign doctors who practice medical treatment in China for short-term terms refers to foreign physicians legally authorized to practice in a different country. They are invited or employed, or are able to apply for medical diagnosis or clinical treatment for not longer than one calendar year within China.



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