How To Obtain a Citizenship Card In Canada

How To Obtain a Citizenship Card In Canada

In Canada as well as the United States.

  • Learn your instruction manual and download the application forms.
  • Sign, complete and date the application applications. Sign and date your application
  • Pay the charges
  • Send your completed complete application form to Case Processing Centre in Sydney, Nova Scotia

Outside Canada and in the United States. Contact the closest Canadian Embassy, high commission or consulate.

  • Check out your instruction guide before you download the forms for your application.
  • Sign, complete and complete, sign and.
  • Make sure you pay the charges.
  • Send in your complete application in its entirety.

Documents that are required Obtain a Citizenship Card

  • Application for the Citizenship Certificate (adults and minors) (including the Document Checklist) [Form CIT 0001[PDF] (PDF, 1.9 MB) October 14, 2014
  • Citizenship Photo Specifications
  • Receipts for Fees
  • There are two ways to get a receipt for fees:
  • Pay your fee on the internet.
  • You can pay your fees at a bank in Canada.
  • You’ll require an original receipt for your fee.
  • Instruction Guide [CIT 0001Instruction Guide [CIT 0001

Office Locations and Contacts

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada Offices

What Are All The Eligibility

This application is designed for Canadian citizens who reside in and outside Canada who would like seek a citizen certificate to serve as evidence that they have Canadian citizenship. If you are a minor (under the age of 18) the parent or legal guardian needs to apply for their application. If you’re applying on behalf the minor’s behalf, make sure that the questions are applicable to minors.


There is a cost in the amount of 75 dollars (tax in the amount) for citizenship certificates.

Documents to Utilize

Formulas for applications

Examples of Documents

Citizenship Specifications for Photos

Instructions Guide

Processing Time

Once your application is accepted, your application is processed, and then you’ll be informed whether the request was accepted or rejected. Processing times may alter. The most up-to-date processing times by visiting the web site.


  • The Citizenship and Immigration Canada program provides certificates as document of citizenship to naturalized Canadian citizens as well as Canadian citizens who make an application.
  • Since in February of 2012 CIC began issuing new certificates of citizenship. The citizenship certificate currently issued (hereafter known as the plastic wallet-sized card that has a photograph) along with the commemorative certificate will be replaced with an 11-inch by 8 inch letter-sized certificate that has information on both sides , but without signature, photo or other security functions.
  • Every citizenship certificate, including the card that is sized like a wallet and has a photos, issued prior to the 1st of February, 2012 are valid. This means that anyone Canadian who has an official citizenship document does not have to apply for the replacement.
  • The citizenship certificate isn’t an travel document. Anyone Canadian citizen planning to travel abroad must obtain an Canadian passport.

The Information You Need

  • The number on the certificate
  • Your Unique Client Identifier
  • Your name is
  • Your birth date
  • Your gender
  • The date on which you began to become a Canadian citizen

The Document is required Obtain a Citizenship Card

  • A Canadian citizen’s certificate (formerly citizen card) is a document that is used to the naturalized Canadian citizens to verify their legal status in Canada.
  • Since January 1, 2012 the citizenship certificate replaces the passport-sized plastic card to prove citizenship. We no longer distribute citizenship cards or commemorative certificates that come with them. If you want to upgrade or replace the citizenship certificate, we’ll issue you a certificate of citizenship.
  • A citizenship certificate shows that someone is an Canadian citizen. It is not an official travel document. It is necessary to obtain an Canadian passport for travel outside Canada.

Information that could be helpful

Make sure you include your full mailing address as well as current contact information when you submit an application. Any changes in address or phone number must be reported immediately via email. After it is confirmed that the High Commission receives your citizenship certificate from the Case Processing Center (CPC) the certificate will be delivered straight to your home postal address using tracked mail. If you provided a Canadian address for mailing was entered when filling out the request form CPC can send your citizenship document directly to that Canadian mail address.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

If you’ve been made a Canadian citizen after relocating to Canada You must present your original citizenship certificate at the time of your arrival.

  • Renew your Canadian passport
  • Renew your health insurance card
  • Renewal your driver’s license, or provincial ID
  • Enroll in school
  • Find an employment

External Links


  • The program will take about six months for processing applications.
  • Individuals can check what their status is for their apps on the internet using this Client Application Status service.
  • Application Forms and Guidelines.



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