How to Obtain a Copy of Death Certificate In Bolivia

 Obtain a Copy of Death Certificate In Bolivia By Online

The most straightforward method to obtain copies of the funeral certificate would be to obtain them from the mortuary or funeral house at the time of death or visit the Civil Registry where the death was recorded to request copies the certificate of death. It is recommended to present the necessary papers to the register, who will look through their database for the specific death record and if the information is found, you’ll be charged the applicable cost and receive an original death certificate.

Required Documents For Obtain a Copy of Death Certificate 

One (1) of the following photo-ID forms that are valid:

  • Driver license
  • State issued photo ID card that is not a driver.
  • Passport
  • Bolivian Military issued photo ID

Two (2) of the following, displaying the name of the applicant and his address:

  • Bills for telephone or utility services
  • A letter from a federal agency within the past six (6) months


Office Locations and Contacts

Departmental Directorate for Civil Registration and Offices for Civil Registration SERECI


SERECI Cochabamba


SERECI Chuquisaca


SERECI Santa Cruz





A parent or spouse of the deceased or sibling who died. individuals who are

  • legal right or claim that is documented
  • Medical necessity that is documented
  • Bolivian Court Ordonnance


Certificados de Defuncin (duplicados) BS. 47


The document is not dated with an expiration date.


If the person applying for the benefit is not the parent, spouse or sibling to the deceased an unlawful claim or right must be recorded. A good example of a legal right or claim is death records required by the person applying to obtain a benefit. The evidence would include an agency’s official statement confirming that in order to handle the claim they require an original copy the requested death certificate.

The Information You Need

  • Last name and first initial for the individual who has died
  • The gender is the gender of the deceased person. passed away
  • Date of death
  • Name of town or city where the death occurred.
  • Information about the parent of the person who passed away
  • Partner or spouse information of the person who passed away If applicable, the information of spouse or partner.

Documentation is needed

Death certificates are issued when an individual has died.

Death certificates are required to cover Social Security or health insurance and life insurance as well as to complete the affairs of a person who has passed away. They can be obtained easily.

You can request an original copy of the death certificate at the Civil Registry in the city or town in which the decedent passed away.

Information that could be helpful

Death certificates are a record that contains the information of a death which was registered in Bolivia. It is possible to obtain one or more copies of the certificate if it was recorded in Bolivia.

Other uses for the document/certificate

This certificate can be used to remove a health card or driver’s license as well as to cover insurance needs.

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How to Obtain a Copy of Death Certificate In Bolivia
How to Obtain a Copy of Death Certificate In Bolivia


You must provide proof of your legal relationship or interest. In order to obtain an official death certificate you’ll have to prove you are closely related to the deceased through an official birth or marriage certification. In the case of an attorney you’ll need copies or titles or court orders as well as other evidence that shows that the person you represent has a an interest legally with the decedent.

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