How to Obtain a Copy of Marriage Certificate In Bolivia

Obtain a Copy of Marriage Certificate In Bolivia By Online

In the event that the Civil Registration Officers have access to the database of the Civil Registry, the person must search based on their name, last name or birth dates. If the person’s registration is in place of the person, ensure that the information is correct, or at registration , which shows the individual concerned. The Official should also confirm whether the match can be described as “without comment” within the system and is not a multiple entry. If the person interested in the game who would like to purchase your certificate states it is correct the officer creates the certificate, and then issuing it with a signature and presents it to the person who is concerned upon payment. In the event that your Civil Registration Officer does not have acces to the databases You have two choices:

  • The first step is to inquire for confirmation of the data to email addresses Computerized Civil Registry or Registry Office closest to inform you whether the game record is inside the database.
  • The other option is to Officers check to see if you have any books in your Oficiala or the book that the individual is registered. If the person is within one of these books held in the possession that of an officer he is required to fill out a blank certificate identical to the book. After it is filled, it the certificate is signed and handed to the person in question.

Required Documents  Fro Obtain a Copy of Marriage Certificate 

  • Identity card.
  • Birth certificate or other evidence of the date of birth or other evidence on.
  • A death or divorce certificate that proves the demise of the former spouse.
  • If one spouse is a foreign national, they must bring your passport, birth certificate that is legalized from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the certificate that states that the country is widowed, single or divorced is also recognized as legal.
  • Photocopy of witness identification.

Office Locations and Contacts

Departmental Directorate for Civil Registration and Offices for Civil Registration SERECI


Anyone can purchase or obtain birth certificates as often as they want.


Duplicate certificates cost 47 Bs.


To get a copy of any marriage licenses in Bolivia Write or visit the Civil Registry office in the region or state where the ceremony took place.

Required Information editRequired Information[ edit

  • Date of wedding
  • The place of marriage
  • Name of the groom, age and civil status
  • Names of parents of the groom’s
  • Name, age, and civil status
  • Names of parents of bride’s bride’s parents
  • Witnesses’ names
  • Name and the age of the child prior to marriage

The Document is required

A Marriage Certificate provides information on the marriage of two people. On a marriage document it is possible to discover the bride’s and groom’s names in full, as well as the date of the wedding and the county in which the wedding took place. Most marriage records also include additional details, like details about the birthplaces and names for the parents of the bride and groom and addresses for the groom and bride and information on prior marriages, as well as the names of witnesses to the wedding.

Information that can be useful

Marriage records are part of the public records, with a major exception. Participants of the State’s Address Confidentiality program can have their marriage records not included in the public filing. The only active participant is eligible and have to apply for a marriage license through the Downtown Civil Registry office. In the event that the license for marriage was issued prior to the time of becoming active the marriage license cannot be “unrecorded.”

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How to Obtain a Copy of Marriage Certificate In Bolivia
How to Obtain a Copy of Marriage Certificate In Bolivia


Certificates of Apostille are given by the local government for only documents that are authorized by an official of the government of the state in question.

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