How To Obtain a Diplomatic Passport In Cameroon

How To Obtain a Diplomatic Passport In Cameroon

1.To begin the process of applying begin by determining the criteria and evaluate whether you meet the requirements. You can find the information you need through the Cameroonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX)

2.Obtain an application for a passport and complete it with precision. This can be obtained from any immigration office or can be downloaded from Cameroonian embassy website, a list of embassies or high commission can be seen at;

3.Acquire all the necessary documents and create copies;

4.Submit your application to Cameroonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX)

5.Upon reviewing and approving the documents submitted The office responsible will issue a check

Documents Required Obtain a Diplomatic Passport

1. Documentation of residency status

2. Four (04) passport-size photographs

3. A copy from Cameroonian Birth Certificate

4. Corry from Cameroonian National Identity Card

5. Provedance of professional

6. Appointment letter for assignment

Office Locations and Contacts

1.Cameroon Embassies, High commissions or consulate offices in different countries a list of these can be viewed at and at

2.Ministry of Foreign Relations Yaound, Cameroon

Telephone: +237 222 03026, +237 3221 1993

Fax: +237 222 00133

What Are All TheEligibility

You must be traveling abroad for state business or as a representative of the government in another country;


No-fee passports.


1.Temporary diplomatic passports that are valid until the completion of assignments

2.Permanent passports for officials and any other passports that are deemed to be they remain valid throughout the length of their time in office.

Documents to Utilize

Sample Application Form can be viewed at


1. The diplomatic passports may only be used in official business.

2. Candidates must ensure the correctness of their application prior to submitting an applications;

3. Always ensure that you apply for your passport early enough to permit the application to be completed;

4. Candidates must present any other passports he or is holding when applying for a diplomatic passport.

5. Always bring the original documents for the appointment. Officers may need to review them.

6. Temporary diplomatic passports have to return to Cameroonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) after a person is done with their duties or assignments;

7. Beware of scams, as certain companies that are not publically owned claim to issue diplomatic passports

8. The issuance of passports to individuals of a government-sponsored mission abroad has to be authorised by President of Republic.

9. Employees who return to their original employer or retirees must return diplomatic passports to the return at the Cameroonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX).

The Information You Need

1. Name of the applicant

2. Age, Sex and marital status

3. Nationality

4. Qualification

5. Department of Service

6. Information on assignments overseas

Documentation is needed

  • The diplomatic passport issued to an individual who is required to travel internationally for official business of the state.
  • Diplomatic passports issued in Cameroon is issued by the Minister of Foreign affairs or by the head of consular and diplomatic missions.
  • The issue of diplomatic passports within Cameroon will be subject to certain rules.
  • There exist two (2) kinds of diplomatic passports that are available in Cameroon;
  1. Permanent
  2. Temporary passports.
  • Permanent diplomatic passport is issued.
    • to the President to the President
    • The former heads of state, as well as the spouses of their children and parents
    • former vice-presidents,
    • and the speaker of the National Assembly plus spouses and children,
    • the Prime Minister the former prime ministers
    • the president of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) together with spouses and children
    • Members of the government, as well as spouses and children
    • former foreign ministers,
    • members of the executive committee
    • and those working in the presidential office as well as career diplomats
    • Secretaries, advisors and attaches
    • army,
    • Air and navy attaches,
    • economic,
    • Cultural and financial advisors
    • and the above Cameroonians employed by international organisations.
  • The passports of diplomatic temporary status are given to cover the work of departmental secretary generals,
    • assistant army,
    • Attaches to the navy or air force,
    • and technical service officers who have diplomatic rank who work in consular and diplomatic missions.
  • This passport is also issued to any person else who has been approved by the President the Republic of.
  • The diplomatic passports for temporary travel are also given to direct descendants of diplomats in the profession, as well as wives and children of manager’s spouses who work within the bureau of
    • president,
    • General officers,
    • Cameroonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) Managers all the way to the Service Head to the level of service head,
    • army,

Attaches to the air and navy,

    • Technical service officers and technicians with diplomatic ranks working in consular and diplomatic missions.

Information that could be helpful

1. It is recommended to keep both your regular and tourist passports while traveling abroad.

2. It is vital to be sure to stamp both passports when leaving or entering using a diplomatic passport, it helps ensure that the stamps are in line to ensure that an official working in one country decides to travel to another.

3. If a person with diplomatic passports wants to travelabroad, he should use a normal tourist passport.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

1. It allows one to move around easily to attend official functions

2. A country is officially represented by the person who holds a diplomatic passport.

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