How to Obtain a Firearm License In Jamaica

Obtain a Firearm License In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. Visit the Fire Arm Licensing Authority office to apply for a Firearm License. You can view the contact information and map location for the FLA headquarter and offices by clicking this link: Link
  2. You can then obtain the firearm license application form at your local FLA office or from the FLA headquarter. Alternatively, you can download it directly through this link: link
  3. You can fill out the application form by handwriting all required information. When filling out the application form, you must not give false information.
  4. Next, gather all required supporting documents as described in the “Required Documents” section and attach them to your form.
  5. Pay the application fees at any FLA office auditing section using your debit, credit or cash card. You will receive a receipt.
  6. To obtain a finger print receipt, visit any Jamaica Revenue Department (Tax office), for a fee
  7. Then, go to the Criminal Records Office to finish the finger printing process. The Criminal Records Office will mark the Fingerprint Receipt as complete once the process has been completed.
  8. Attach the fingerprint receipt along with all required documents listed in the “Required Documents Section” below to the application form
  9. You can then submit your complete application in person to the FLA office or opt to mail it using registered mail.
  10. An FLA official will review your application and confirm that it is correct.
  11. The FLA will then conduct an investigation and security procedure and record the results
  12. The interviewing officer will then complete section L of his application form with his supervisor and send it to the FLA board.
  13. After receiving satisfactory results, the board will review and approve your application.
  14. After approval, you will have to pass a firearm competency clearance. Once you pass, the FLA will issue a Purchase Order number for your firearm.
  15. The FLA will perform a ballistic test on your firearm and then record the data to enable you to buy it.
  16. After purchasing the firearm, the license will be granted and you will need to go to a recommended dealer store to collect it.

Required Documents For Firearm License

  • Application complete
  • Two (2) passport photographs that have been certified by a Justice of the Peace. Note: The J.Ps registration number should be included on the stamp. Photographs must be taken with a white background
  • Two (2) recommendations from any one of the following categories: Minister of Religion (must also be a Marriage Officer), School Principal, Gazetted rank Police Officer (not lower than the rank of Deputy superintendent), Attorney-at law, Medical Doctor, Resident Magistrate or Member of the J.D.F. (Major) Member of Parliament. Firearm Licensing Authority should be contacted with any recommendations.
  • Photocopy or passport proof of age. Original and photocopy
  • You can prove income (original and photocopy)
    • Employed people-Pay Slip/Letter from the company
    • If the applicant is a business, i.e. self-employed or business owner, a valid Business Tax Compliance Certificate is (TCC), and an individual Tax Compliance Certificate is (TCC). A company, sole trader or partnership.
  • The application package must include a photocopy and an original of the Fingerprint Receipt as well as the License Fee Receipt.
  • The Jamaica Constabulary Force or Jamaica Defense Force members must submit a letter to their commanding officer (to include a sealed envelope).


  • Recommendations or Authorization Letters that were issued after the submission date of the application are not accepted.
  • All recommendations must be addressed to Firearm Licensing Authority. The applicant must also be known to the referee at least five (5) year.

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Firearm Licensing Authority Headquarters91A Old Hope Road Kingston 6, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 925-7159 – 60, or (927-6057) – 59.

Montego Bay Regional Office
Shop 9, Bogue City Centre
Bogue, Montego Bay, St. James
Tel: (876) 978-0245

Mandeville Regional Office
Shop G15 at James Warehouse Plaza
Mandeville, Manchester
Tel. : (876) 926-7003 or (876) 927-6075
(876) 618-0487 (Digicel)
Jamaica W.I.
Tel: (876) 927-5159 60
Website: Link
Contact Details: link


  • Individuals who want to legally own and possess firearms in Jamaica, according to the Firearms Act Section 28.


  • Firearm Users Licence $12,000


  • If valid for five consecutive years, the firearm license/card is valid

Useful Documents

  • Application form: Link

Processing Time

  • New applications must be submitted within 12 months


  • This application form can be used for multiple purposes. Please ensure that you select the right reason for your application in Section A. Section A of the application form should be marked “New” under “Application type”. Then, in the checkbox mark “Firearm User’s Licence” under “Type of License being requested for”.

Requirements Information

  • Type of application
  • Applicant details
  • Applicant address details
  • Information about the next of kin
  • Declaration

You will need the document

  • This license permits individuals to legally own and use firearms in Jamaica

Information that might be of assistance

  • Application Guideline: Link
  • Firearm Act: Link

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