How to Obtain a Ground Instruction License In Uganda

Obtain a Ground Instruction License In Uganda By Yourself

  1. To get an Ground Instructor License, one must fill out and submit the required application form.
  2. This form is available at the Personnel Licensing (PEL) Offices of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority or you can visit the site Uganda civil Aviation Authority
  3. After completing the application, you must send documents to your Authority’s Personnel Licensing (PEL)offices
  4. You must complete your Ground Instructor License application form along with the necessary documents to obtain approval to pay the fees for application.
  5. The officers who receive the application will look for any discrepancies or ineligibility within the documents submitted to them for application. If a discrepancy which can’t be corrected immediately is found in any of the documents, then the application and all documents submitted is returned to applicant. The application must not be submitted again until the discrepancy is fixed.
  6. If the officer who is receiving the licence finds that conditions have been met to issue license and an application as per the form is completed and submitted to the Personnel Licensing (PEL) Office the applicant will be asked to pay the required application fees following which the license is issued.
  7. Additionally, you are required to pay the application fee and send the receipt for payment along with the documents required for application.
  8. A fee of UgSh. 500 000 is charged to issue the license
  9. It is followed by the taking of a conversion exam for ground instructor licenses. after passing the test, you will be issued an instructor license.
  10. A processing time of seven days is required to finish the process of processing your Ground Instructor license application at which point you will be contacted via telephone to collect your new license from the University of California at Albany’s Personnel Licensing offices.
  11. You’ll need to have your ID documents at the time you collect you new driver’s license.

Required Documents For Obtain a Ground Instruction License

These forms must be completed and signed

  1. Completed and duly filled out the prescribed application form
  2. Professional certificate issued by the Authorised TRAINING Organisation.
  3. Any license that was previously held (Commercial Pilot License/Airline Transportation Pilot Licence).
  4. A current medical certification
  5. Two passport-sized photos of the present (full faces);
  6. Identification card with photo, or Passport.
  7. Receipt of payment for prescribed charges of Ugsh. 500,000

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Civil Aviation AuthorityAeronautical Information Service
P.O. BOX 5536 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: 256-312-352534/2503
Fax: 256-414-320964
Telex 61508 CAA U
Website:Uganda civil Aviation Authority
Website Scroll to the bottom of the page


A person who is applying for a license to be a ground instructor must

  1. Must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Does not demonstrate the ability to speak, read, write, and comprehend the English language according to the requirements for proficiency in the English language and receive one of the following scores:
    • Operating Niveau (Level 4) This level is good for 3 years.
    • Advanced Niveau (Level 5) It is valid for six years.
    • Expert level (Level 6) Valid for life
  3. You must pass a test of your knowledge about the basics of teaching.
    • Test results from the knowledge tests for a ground instructor’s license will be valid for 18 months following the passing of the test.
  4. The knowledge test above is not necessary when the applicant has the flight instructor certification.
  5. You must pass a test of your knowledge in the aeronautical knowledge domains specified within PPL, CPL and ATPL.
  6. The license of a ground instructor must be issued with some of the ratings below
    • Basic;
    • Advanced;
    • Instrument or
    • Instruments and the Basic
    • Advanced Instrument
  7. If you are applying to be a ground instructor to be able to obtain the above ratings and qualifications, they are required to possess or hold an Commercial Pilot License or Airline Transport Pilot License (i.e. the licenses may expire or be in good standing) depending on the situation.
  8. If the applicant does not possess the above-mentioned licenses, then they must take the following tests:
    • Basic ground instructor certification and aeronautical skills is required to obtain a Commercial Pilot License
    • Advanced ground instructor Aeronautical prerequisites to obtain an Airline Transport Pilot License
    • Instructor ground rating for instruments must meet the standards in one of (i) (i) or (ii)
    • Have an instrument with a valid with a valid rating


  • A cost that is Ugsh.500,000 is charged to issue the license.


  • The duration of validity is one year.

Processing Time

  • The processing time is 14 days.


  • The applicant should
  1. Check if they’re licensed and eligible.
  2. Request the application form at PEL Offices and fill out the application form as directed.
  3. Complete all required documentation.
  4. Pay the fees applicable and return the payment receipt.
  5. Allow the processing time to expire, then you can collect you new ground instructor license.

The Information You Need

  1. Full names
  2. Physical and postal addresses
  3. Place and date of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Gender
  6. The name of the Approved Training Organization where you were instructed
  7. Information about licences that are already in force (Place and Date of Issue, Type of License, Number and Expiry Date )
  8. Are you able to read, write, speak and comprehend the English language according to the English proficiency requirements in the Civil Aviation Regulations.
  9. If you’ve met all the conditions for giving of this license
  10. Declaration
  11. Signing of the Applicant
  12. Date of application

Need to have the Document

  • The Ground Instructor license permits the holder to provide various types of ground-based instruction needed for those who are seeking Pilot licenses as well as ratings.
  • The cards are issued with rating and these define the precise areas where the holder can give instructions.

Information that could be helpful

  • In the course of these mitigation measures relating to the spread of COVID-19 all entities that are regulated, i.e.
  • Air Operators, Approved Training Organizations, Approved Maintenance Organizations, Aerodrome Operators, Air Navigation Service Providers, Licensed Aviation Personnel and Certified Personnel their agencies, and service providers outsourced to them must be sure to comply with the relevant Civil Aviation Regulations provisions unless the Authority issues a dispensation or alternative measures put into place to ensure the safety that are acceptable by the Authority.

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