How to Obtain a Hunting License or Permit In Uganda

Obtain a Hunting License or Permit In Uganda By Online

All hunters who hunt in Uganda must obtain the hunting license and permit to import rifles prior to their arrival

HOW to apply

  1. Application for a hunting license/permit must be made in writing the Executive Director of Uganda Wildlife Authority.
  2. Send a letter outlining your application’s requirements and attach all the necessary documents. Send your application to Uganda wildlife authority.
  3. When you submit your application, Upon receiving your request, the Uganda Wildlife Authority will perform an extensive background check on the request and the documents that you have submitted.
  4. Contact the officer within a week of submitting the initial application to obtain the license for authentication purposes If all the details is in order, you will receive your permit or license.

Required Documents For Obtain a Hunting License or Permit

Documents listed below are necessary to facilitate.

  • Evidence of the payment of the fees prescribed.
  • Evidence that you are an experienced hunter.
  • Passport photograph.
  • Passport/ identification.
  • It is necessary to be associated with an animal use right licensee.
  • Foreigners must present valid work permits.
  • Police clearance to handle guns.

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Wild life Authority

Phone: +256 414 355000, +256 312 355000
Physical Address Physical Address: Lot 7 Kira Road, Kamwokya
Mailing Address P.O. BOX 3530 Kampala, Uganda
Jurisdiction: National
Email Address:
Web site: Uganda wildlife
Operating hours: Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Excluding the public holidays and weekends)
Directions View Directions

Uganda Wildlife Safaris Ltd.

P.O. 70 513 Box 70, Clock Tower 1098,
Buziga Rise, Buziga-Kirundu Kampala, Uganda
Telephone: +256-414-501-018
Mobile +256-753-024-543
Web: Uganda wildlife


  • Any foreign or local citizen who are 18 or over hunting in Uganda. hunt in Uganda


  • Licences/permit fees 1500 USD


The hunting permit/license is valid for one calendar year.

Processing Time

  • within 7 business days if the details are correct.


The laws governing game apply to hunting in the wilderness of Uganda and not for ranch hunting, which is subject to change.

  • The hunt for trophy hunters must occur during daylight hours.
  • Shooting from within 50m of a motorized vehicle (boat or aircraft) is not allowed. The vehicle cannot be used for driving or to stampede any animal.
  • The use of radio communications for the purpose of locating endangered species is not allowed.
  • Hunting with dogs isn’t allowed.
  • Night vision equipment, such as flashlights or lights is not permitted, with the exception of certain species such as leopards and bush pigs.
  • Hunting permits need to be obtained prior to hunting starting.
  • A separate permit has to be issued for each hunter.
  • Semi-automatic and automatic firearms are not allowed in the same way as using silencers.
  • It is not permitted to shoot immature animals or females who have dependent young or who appear to be pregnant.
  • The law prohibits minors (under 18 years old) are permitted to handle or hunt firearms.
  • Bow hunting is allowed in hunt areas that are wilderness.

Requirements Information

  • The full names of the applicants
  • Gun permit licence
  • Form for obtaining police clearance
  • ID card number of passport or passport
  • The address of residence of the applicant
  • Telephone number

The Document is required

  • A hunting license or permit is an essential legal requirement for all game hunters who plan for hunting in Uganda in accordance with the Wildlife Act.

Information that can be useful

The suspension or the cancellation of license.

  1. The board is able to, upon the advice from the executive director end any license granted in this Part, if the licensee
    • If convicted of an offense pursuant to this Act;
    • Infractions to any of the conditions of the license;
    • Are you an executive director’s opinion that the license is not the director in charge, carrying out the business that is covered by the licence was issued in a suitable and appropriate manner. The executive director will immediately cease to use the license pending consideration of the cancellation as per this section.
  2. The executive director will inform an applicant in writing about any decisions to cancel or suspend the license and provide the reason for the decision.

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Prohibitions against actions that harm endangered species.

  1. Except as permitted by the conditions set forth in the licence or issued, anyone whois
    • In connection with or for the hunting or taking endangered species possess or prepares purchase, sells, or makes use of poisons or birdlime, trap, net, snare or other similar substance or device that is capable of killing, capturing or injuring any species that is protected;
    • Prepares, constructs or employs any excavation fence, enclosure, or other device that is fixed onto the earth or on plants, which is capable of hurting, killing or killing any species protected by law is a crime.
  2. The burden of proving the act in question was legally done will lie on the person accused.

Prohibition of using fire.

  • Anyone who, with the intention of hunting, or aiding another to hunt or capture any species of animal, plant or creates any fire , commits an offense.



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