How To Obtain a Marriage Certificate In Chile

How To Obtain a Marriage Certificate In Chile

In Person By Yourself

  • Visit one of the Civil Registry Office and get a valid ID.
  • Inform the officer you want to get the marriage certificate.
  • Make sure you submit all the necessary documents and pay the applicable fee.

Request In  Online

  • You need to sign in into the Chilean Civil Registry.
  • Input all the details required.
  • The outcome of your online inquiry will be delivered to you via email.

Apply via phone

  • Dial 600 370 2000 to any mobile or landline phone.
  • Choose option 5 to request the certificate.
  • Provide your RUN or an identification number for the one who requested for the certification to the operator.
  • Indicate the kind of certificate you require as well as the email address from which you would like to receive updates regarding your request.

Documents Required Obtain a Marriage Certificate

  • ID card

Office Locations and Contacts

Registro Civil e Identification

Santiago, Chile

Call Number 600-370-22000 (can be reached from any part of the country using cellular phones as well as landlines, and only paying the cost of local calls)

To make calls from abroad: +56 2 26552101

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How To Obtain a Marriage Certificate In Chile
How To Obtain a Marriage Certificate In Chile

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What Are All The Eligibility

In order to be eligible, both are Chilean citizens. Additionally, the two must have the RUN number (National exclusive role).


  • Certificate of marriage for family allowance
    • Online application: no cost
    • The application must be submitted via the office Office: $ 290.
  • Certificate of marriage for all processes:
    • Through the internet and in the office Office and online: $710.
  • Subinscripciones to marriage certificate:
    • Online and via the office: $1,820.

If the request is submitted online, you should include $201 in the context of the use of a method of payment


Marriage certificates are valid up to 60 days if it’s an electronic version It is possible to check the number of characters that are inscribed on the certificate.

Processing Time

The marriage certificate can be issued instantly.


  • You can get a free marriage certificate for the purpose of family allowance only.
  • You can purchase a marriage certificate for any purpose.
  • If , after the wedding ceremony has been conducted, any sub-enrollment is required, for example an alteration in the marriage’s property rules will only be issued a marriage Certificate for all the procedures (with subscriptions) and/or Family Allowance.
  • The certificate is available in person or online. If it is online, the document includes E-signature technology that is advanced which means you can send it via email to institutions that require it.

The Information You Need

  • Name in full (of the two persons)
  • Residency (of the two individuals)
  • Contact number
  • Email (of the two individuals)
  • (of two people) (of the two individuals)

Documentation is needed

The marriage certificate issued in Chile is utilized for legal purposes Its purpose is to verify the marriage. it can also be used to get birth certificates for an infant.

Information that can be useful

  • The marriage certificate, when presented to any person, it can be checked on the Chilean civil registry website for 60 calendar days from your date of acquisition entering your folio’s folio number as well as a verification code. The similarity between the information shown in the display and the information printed on the certificate proves that the certificate is authentic on a particular day.
  • The requests or certificates may be paid using the payment options on the site: General Treasury of the Republic, Servipag or My Accounts.
  • If you pay through Servipag and My Accounts you can add $ $101. Chilean pesos for each purchase. made.
  • If the marriage occurred before 1950, it will not be included in the civil registry database. If so, you may request admission by sending an email here:

Other uses for the document/certificate

The Marriage Certificate is a way to get birth certificates.

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