How to Obtain a Mining License In Uganda

Obtain a Mining License In Uganda By Online

  1. To get a mining permit to mine in Uganda applicants need to get in touch with to the Geological Survey & Mines Department.
  2. Determine the location you plan to mine the minerals you want in order to prospect for these minerals.
  3. Find out who the real owners are of the land on which you plan to conduct mining operations through due diligence.
  4. After identifying the landowners, negotiate, and execute an agreement with the landowners and then pay them a fair amount for reasons of allowing you to operate your mining operations on their property.
  5. Make a mineral contract with the Ugandan government Uganda regarding activities to help stabilize legal, economic and social obligations of both parties to permit you to exploration or prospecting for the mineral to be extracted.
  6. Examine the area of property you want to perform your mining activities and get a an approved deed plans.
  7. Once you have signed the mineral agreement, request the prospecting or exploration permit from the commissioner department Geological Survey and Mines if the same hasn’t previously been conducted.
  8. After the commissioner has granted your prospecting and exploration permit you can begin to explore or prospect for the mineral deposits you are seeking to mine for the purposes of determining the quantity and the quantity of the minerals in the region.

Required Documents For Obtain a Mining License

  • Valid prospecting license
  • Submitted PL returns
  • Map of desired area at 1:150,000 scale
  • Work schedule for exploration and exploration work
  • Project brief
  • Form II is executed.
  • Adequate financial competence
  • Two duplicates of the form are sent to the Commissioner.
  • Deposit proof and of the deposit to cover expert fees

Office Locations and Contacts

The CommissionerGeological Survey & Mines Department
P.O. Box 9 Entebbe, Uganda
Telephone: 256-41-4320118/4320656; 4320559
Fax: 256-41-4320364


Candidates must be able to invest in prospecting to mine or extracting minerals in Uganda


a. Registration Fee 500 000 Ugx
b. Mineral rent 50,000 Ugx per km2 per annum
C. Gazetting grant of EL 300,000 Ugx


1 year.

Documents to Utilize

Examples of Documents

An application for a MINERAL DEALERS license.

(Accompanied by the specific fees).


Name of the applicant
The nationality of the applicant/country of incorporation
Address of the post office …
Physical address.
Attach a bank statement that demonstrates financial information.
I hereby acknowledge that the information provided by me are correct to the greatest in my understanding and my belief. The date is of the 20th year.

Processing Time

3 days.


To look for minerals within an area of not greater than 500 square kilometers.

Requirements Information

  • Anyone who plans to apply for a petroleum construction permit must submit.
  • Name address, nationality and name that of the candidate.
  • If it’s an entity corporate, the name of the corporation is registered, as is the address of its registered office and the country in which it was incorporated.
  • Names, addresses and the qualifications of the potential principal contractors and supervisors that will be employed on the project.
  • Description and the location of the project location, investment capital and the technologies that will be employed as well as construction and site plans.
  • The date for completion of the project is the date of completion.
  • Environmental project brief or environmental impact statement in the form and with the information prescribed by the Environment(Environment Impact 4 Assessment) for further processing.
  • Description of the safety plans equipment, plans and programs for protecting workers’ health, safety in the workplace and environmental protection in regular construction work, and plans of contingency for natural disasters, accidents and emergencies.
  • An Tax Identification number (TIN) for new investors as well as a tax clearance certificates for existing businesses.

The Document is required

To carry the activities of prospecting, exploration, as well as mining activities, law allows various licences.


  1. Prospecting License
  2. Exploration License
  3. Retention License
  4. Mining Lease
  5. Location License

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