How to Obtain a Motorcycle Drivers License In Uganda

Obtain a Motorcycle Drivers License In Uganda By Online

The process for getting the motorcycle driver’s license is similar to getting any other type of driving license. Here is the procedure one needs to complete to get one:

  • You can enroll in driving lessons at any driving school that is registered for the initial Basic Training (IBT) which is a required course of instruction that teaches fundamental riding techniques to motorcyclists who are learning.
  • After an applicant has completed the course, his or instructor will record the information about the training in their logbook (which typically is handed out at the start or end of the program) and will issue you the Certificate of Satisfactory completion.
  • Get a Learners Driving Permit. In Uganda prior to acquiring or applying for an Drivers License, one has to get a learners’ driving permit that is valid for 3 (3) months. It can be used for any time one receives driving instruction. To obtain the learners’ license, the applicant has to
    • Visit one of the URA Licensing office, get and complete application forms, that are marked Form VII;
    • Complete a medical form labelled Form UCDP1 to receive an Medication Certification which can be obtained by any medical professional who is registered;
    • Get a Bank Payment Slip or form from any assessing official at URA;
    • Pay to the person who issued the document.
    • After you have made your payment, add this to application documents and send your tax papers to the service desk in the office of licensing (Make sure that a copy of the payment slip from the bank is acknowledged);
    • The licensing officer advises on the time to apply to get your learners permit and
    • The date set by the licensing officer arrives then go to Face Technologies for the permit.
  • Paying for exam fees. When one has completed the driving lessons after which he/she pays for testing at any URA licensing office;
  • The payment slip should be affixed your Learners Permit, go to any Police Inspectorate of Vehicles Driving Test Office and request an examination on a motorcycle;
  • If one is able to pass the test and passes the test, a Certificate of Competence is issued to the URA department by Inspector of Vehicles (which he must send with you);
  • Request a complete motorbike driver’s license in the URA Licensing office where the Certificate of Competence was issued (that was sent via the Inspector of Vehicles). The process for applying for a full motorcycle drivers licenses are as follows:
    • Visit the URA licensing office where the Certificate of Competence is mailed the Drivers License applications For Form A as well as Form B medical Form;
    • Obtain Bank Pay Slips to obtain an official motorcycle driver’s certificate from URA Licensing Officer
    • Make a payment to the correct bank
    • Attach the payment slip as well as the learners permit the previously filled form(s) and then submit an application at the Tax Payer Service Desk at the URA Licensing Office.
    • (Make sure that the payment slip from the bank is stamped to confirm the application’s receipt);
    • The licensing officer will then give advice the applicant when to apply to obtain the permit.
    • If the date specified by the licensing officer arrives then go to Face Technologies for to pay for and obtain the electronic permit.
    • The first time issuance is issued you must be present in person for an image, signature and fingerprints recorded. Then, after the period of 3 (3) weeks, after gathering the necessary information from the applicant you have to show up in person to be able to sign the document and take it back.

Required Documents For Obtain a Motorcycle Drivers License

  • Any ID Card
  • Formula VII (Application form)
  • Form UCDP1 or Medical certification form
  • Documentation of Payments
  • Certificate of Competence

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Headquarters, 5th Street, Nakawa Industrial Area,
P.O. Box 7279 Uganda, Kampala
Phone: 0414 334228, 0417442054, 0417442055, 0417443150
Fax: 0404334419
Toll free: 0800117000

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)
Crested Towers (Tall Tower)
Tel: 041-7443000, 041-7443134

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)
Nakawa (HQRS)
Tel: 041-7440000, 041-7442042

Face Technologies
Kyambogo Industrial Area, Uganda, Kampala
Phone: 256777 064227

Africa Smart Rider
Telephone: +256 (0) 772 869037

Uganda driver Stands Agency
Plot 79 Buganda Road
Phone: +256 414 257209/8

Automobile Association of Uganda
Plot 63 Yusuf Lule Rd. Near the Golf Course Hotel.
P. O. Box 1459 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 (0) 414 255917 / +256 (0) 414 250745
Fax: +256 (0) 414 250814


To be able to apply for a motorcycle licence in Uganda one must be at least 18 (18) years or older.


Learners/Provisional Permits

  • URA Transaction Fees 30,000/=
  • URA Form Fees: 2,700/=
  • Face Technologies Charges 30,000/=

Total 62,700=

Full Driving Permit for One Year

  • URA Transaction Fees 50,000/=
  • URA Form Fees of 6,000/=
  • Face Technologies Charges 20,000/=

Seven thousand total

Full Driving Permit Three Years

  • URA Transaction Fees 60,000/=
  • URA Form Fees of 6,000+
  • Face Technologies Charges 20,000/=

Total 86,000(or more)


The Learners Permit / Provisional Permit can be used for three (3) months, while Full Driving Permits can be good up to One (1) or for three (3) year in Uganda subject to the amount of fees that are that are paid.

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

After all documents required are completed and all payment is completed, one must wait approximately 3 (3) days for driving license for it to become ready.icate.


  • In order to apply for a driver’s license, applicants must be able to prove that he or she is 18 (18) or above.
  • Find the required forms to fill out any URA Licensing Office, Read carefully, and then fill in the necessary information.
  • Make all the payments that are required
  • Attach all the documents;
  • The application form must be returned in URA Licensing Office. URA Licensing Office; and
  • Visit the National office that issues the license.

The Information You Need

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Citizenship

The Document is required

A driver’s license is a legal document that one needs to operate a motor vehicle on the roads. A motor cycle driver’s license is the legal document that allows the person to use a motorcycle on the roads. Therefore, it is unlawful to operate a motorbike without this document. In Uganda for you to be able to legally ride a motorcycle on the road, one must possess a valid driver’s license in Class A.

Information that could be helpful

It is vital to keep in mind that

  • To obtain this legal document in Uganda the applicant must visit two key locations, namely The URA Licensing Office and the Face Technologies (A South African company that is contracted to the Ministry of Works and Transport to print, design and distribute computerized driving permits)
  • Prior to taking your driving test, it is recommended to be familiar with how to drive. Rules of the Road, take as many rides as they can on all kinds of roads as well as in all kinds of traffic conditions.
  • When you are scheduled to take the test, it is important to allow him / his/her self enough time to reach the test center with just a few minutes leave.
  • Most often, the Driver Tester starts with asking for a copy of one’s learners permit.
  • Common errors made by motorcyclists when they are performing their ride test. These include failing to execute a U-turn properly and insufficient control at a slow speed, insufficient observation of the rear incorrect or insufficient hand signals

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • Achieving your first basic course of training means that you will be a safer road-user as well as gain an knowledge of the basic motorcycling skills, and also be able to practice your riding on an open road.
  • The initial Basic Training (IBT) improves road safety.
  • As much as you can on roads of all kinds and in all kinds of traffic conditions will help improve your riding technique and increase confidence.
  • Driving Licenses is a identification proof;
  • The state employs its lengthy registration procedure to gather in-depth details about each person

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