How to Obtain a National Identification Card In Uganda

Obtain a National Identification Card In Uganda By Online

  1. Make sure you have all the necessary documents to apply for the National Identity Card
  2. Visit any parish in your sub-county, or visit any NIRA office located in your region.
  3. Demand for the application from 3 fill it in and attach the required documents.
  4. If you are in a line waiting to be seated, wait your turn. Then, present your application along with supporting documents to the official who will register you.
  5. The officer will check the information you have given are correct and guide you to a different station.
  6. In this station, your biometric information will be gathered i.e. your fingerprints as well as your photo.
  7. You will be informed to show your ID when it is available for collection.
  8. You can also check your ID status by calling *216#, and then accessing the details of your National Identification Number (NIN)


  • When a person reaches the age of the age of 18, they should apply for a National Identity Card.
  • within ninety days after turning 18 years.
  • The application for Identity Cards cannot be delegated. Applicants need to present themselves in person.

Required Documents For Obtain a National Identification Card

Citizens born in UgandaCitizens of Uganda by birth must satisfy the following documents:


  • A copy of the National ID of both or one parents (if parents are still alive)
  • An official copy the birth certificate
Without the above information, include the following

  • Recommendation letters of LC 1 chairman stating clearly that the applicant is well-known, indicating,
  • Names of the applicants
  • Parents’ contact information
  • The duration of the stay was in the the LC1 location
  • Tribe and clan
  • The letter must be signed with the official stamp of the Chairperson of LC1 (include telephone number) and the letter should be accompanied by a GISO/DISO
  • Identification with the photo of the applicant

Dual Citizenship

  • Certificate of Dual Citizenship – Certified Copy of Certificate Dual Citizenship
  • Passport of the country of residence

Citizens through Registration

  • A certified replica certified copy Certificate of Citizenship by registration issued by the National Citizenship and Immigration Control Board (NCIB)
  • Identification with photo of the applicant


  • Certified replica certified copy Certificate of Naturalization as Ugandan issued by NCIB
  • Identification bearing the photo of the applicant

Office Locations and Contacts


National Independence Grounds, Kololo Airstrip
P O Box 26529, Kampala-Uganda
Tel (Reception) +256 312119600

For Information about national identification registration

Call: +256 312119631/+256 312119639
Contact Information and Directions: NIRA contacts


  • All Ugandan citizens aged 18 or above.


  • The application by NIC is for free


Ten years and the possibility of renewal.

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

  • Within 1 month


  • When it is possible it is recommended for all citizens to apply for registration in the parish or sub-county that is their place of birth or where they reside. This is especially important since it’s the location where you and your parents/ancestors have been most well-known for their role in the process for identification and proof of citizenship.
  • For people who have ethnic links to ethnic groups that border We encourage you to return to these locations to register.

Requirements Information

  • The full name of the person applying
  • Address of residence
  • Birth date
  • Birthplace of the child
  • The tribe or community of Indigenous people to which the applicant is a member
  • Origin of the place
  • Occupation/profession
  • Name of the spouse
  • Name as well as nationality, tribe, and clan.

The Document is required

There are many scenarios where you will need to prove who you really are. The identity card allows you to prove your identity in a many ways.

  • Proving Age
  • Traveling internationally within the East African Region (as per the protocol signed by the government allowing to use the National Identity Card across the region)
  • Daily basis for identification purposes to police officers.
  • Accessing financial services e.g. opening the bank account.
  • Processing land transactions
  • Confirming that you are eligible to work.
  • The access to public services to the citizens to which they have the right.
  • The identification of you as a citizen in the context of casting a vote.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • It is the National Identity Card is a crucial document to have when applying for a Biometric passport.

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