How to Obtain a Passport (For Minors) In Norway

Obtain a Passport (For Minors) In Norway By Online

Parents’ permission

  • Persons who are under 18, must have one parent in order in order for their application to be approved by the passport officer.
  • If both parents are the primary caregivers for the minor child or child they must both agree to submit the application.

Begining with your child throughout the application process

  • Parents who accompany their child to the passport office should bring their own identification documents, along with signed consent in writing and identification or authenticated copies of their credentials from the other parent in a position to travel to the passport office in order to accompany their child.
  • Proxy forms can be found online.
  • Authorization and Proxy forms have to be current and not more than three months.
  • The passport should be signed by an person applying for it. The signature of the applicant on the passport is not valid to minors younger than 10 years of age or who are not able to write their names. In such instances, the phrases such as “Not capable of signing” will appear in the signature section on the passport.
  • The applicant’s personal identification number , or birth certificate will be required for the application process.

Collecting your passport

  • In the passport application, indicate the method you’d prefer to receive your passport. You may request the passport delivered to you, or pick it up directly by the officer.
  • If you lost your passport during the delivery process, promptly inform the police immediately. It will then be documented in the central passport registry , and this will stop any abuse. If this occurs to you, the possibility of applying to renew your passport free without cost.
  • Passports are issued by regular mail. It is considered secure because the passport is secure from counterfeiting and tampering.
  • Due to the high quantity of passport applications in the summer months The processing of passports may take longer than normal 10-day working time. Make sure to apply for your passport in advance, and ideally by three weeks prior to your travel.
  • If you’ve not received an official passport by the deadline of 10 working calendar days (working days) You must inform the police, so that a new passport can be issued. If you are really required to travel internationally then the passport office could issue an emergency passport for no cost. The emergency passports cannot be used to enter United States. United States.

Required Documents For Obtain a Passport

Passport Photograph for children who are under 3 years old: older:

  • The image must be properly exposed and of high quality.
  • The photo may be either black or white, or colored
  • The photo should not be more than six-months old.
  • Size of photo – 35 45 inches
  • The photo should take place from front (focus on the eyes) and against an uncolored background
  • The photograph should show the complete shoulders and the top of the head and no shadow
  • The face should be covering 70-80 percent of the frame. For for instance, the distance from the head to the chin must be at minimum 30 millimeters
  • Eyes should be open and clear, eyes must not be covered with hair.
  • The forehead, both chins along with both cheeks clearly visible
  • The mouth must be closed
  • Glasses must be removed before taking the picture
  • The child must also take off any headwear that is worn while taking the picture. (Caps, hats, hair bands, scarves etc.)


  • If the child is required to wear the headgear due to religious reasons or for other valid reasons for example, an illness or illness, the passport office could permit it provided it’s not likely that they will wear similar headgear when controlling in the future. Be sure that the child’s headgear doesn’t cover any portion on the head or the entire head than it is required.
  • A simple, non-obtrusive hair band pulled well away to the skin. They will not show in the photograph.
  • Hairpins can be used as long as they don’t overly cover any facial features.

An authentic identification:

  • Valid Norwegian driver’s license or another similar photo IDs that are secure as well as personal identification like credit cards that have a photos
  • Letter or certificate stating the applicant’s nationality
  • An old passport, and it was expired less than three months in the past (for renewal)


  • If you’re unable to show the validity of your Norwegian passport or one that was expired less than 3 months ago, the police might have to ask you to show a (Norwegian resident) who can verify that you are who you say they are in writing.
  • The other parent, the original ID can be shown or an official duplicate of the ID

Birth Certificate

Completed Authorization/Consent Form

Office Locations and Contacts

Find your the local district police

Norwegian Police Website


  • Norwegian Citizens


Passport Fee

  • For those who are over 16 years old for those who are over 16: kr. 350
  • for those who are younger than 16 for those under the age of 16: kr 2270

The passport fee with cash or use the debit card (credit card transactions aren’t accepted)


The validity of a passport is determined for as long as the person who holds it can be identified from the photograph on the passport and so that the document remains not damaged or altered.

Validity of Passport (for persons who are under 16 years old)

  • Age 0-5: Two years
  • Five to ten years of age: 3 years
  • Ages 10-16 Five years

Documents to Utilize

Authorization / Consent Form (B)Authorization / Consent Form (N)

Processing Time

Passports are typically delivered within 10 working days of receiving the request.


Anyone applying for passports (including babies) have to present at the time of application at the passport office and are required to be joined by at minimum two of their parents.

Both parents must sign their consent to their child seeking and receiving an identity card.

Need to have the Document

The passport can be described as a piece of paper issued by the nation’s government. It confirms the nationality and identity of the person who holds it for traveling abroad. It includes information regarding the holder’s name as well as gender, date of birth and birthplace.

The document by itself grant the holder of the passport to the right to travel to another country, nor protection from consular authorities during travel, or any other rights. It does, however, allow the passport holder be returned to their country in which the passport was issued.

The right to consular protection stems from international treaties, and the return of the holder to the country of issue is contingent on the laws that govern that particular country.

Here are the steps on how to apply for a passport minors.

Information that could be helpful

There are typically long lines at passport offices during those months from April through August. If you can, you can submit your application prior to or after these times. It is also recommended to apply for a passport at an official police station within the area you live in.

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