How to Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) In Belarus

 Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) In Belarus By Online

  • Get your pet examined by a vet: You’ll need to examine your pet by a licensed veterinarian. The documents you’ll have to show to your pet when they arrive at Belarus will be provided by your veterinarian. Your vet is also in a position to give you advice about how to take your pet to Belarus.
  • Make sure you have the necessary documents ready: Importation of animals to Belarus is permitted only on the presentation of relevant medical and veterinary certificates.
    • Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection This document needs to be authenticated by a local veterinarian office.
    • Documents for Vaccination: In addition you must provide proof your pet has had all vaccines necessary for travel to another country. You can get this list from the veterinary clinic near you. It is recommended to get vaccinations no less than 2 weeks before departure.
    • Notification: Any documents should translate into Russian as well as Belarusian.
  • If you’re outside Belarus If you are not in Belarus: You can utilize the link under “Office Locations and Contacts” to connect with the closest Belarus Embassy Belarus within the nation in which in which you are currently in. The Embassy may assist you with your application to get pet passports or an permits to import your pet.
  • Before you plan for transporting your pet: Check to see if you have all the necessary documents and that you have been to the authorities in charge of the import/export of live animals within the country from which your pet is coming from, and also in Belarus. If you’re considering flying together with your animal, you can be able to contact the airline company. They might be able to give further information on pet passports and ways you can take your pet to another country.
  • The arrival in Belarus: Upon arrival in Belarus animals have to be registered with local vets within one month of arrival.

Office Locations and Contacts

diplomatic representations of Belarus Republic of Belarus

How to Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet)  In Belarus
How to Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) In Belarus

State Customs Committee

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Import restrictions to Belarus apply to animals that are subject to the Convention for international trade in endangered wild animals and the flora species. The importation of these animals requires approval from Belarus’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus. Additionally, the person visiting tourists in Belarus must get a veterinary document for exotic pets from the Head Department of State Veterinary Inspection at the border and during transportation. This certificate is provided with the certification confirming the vaccinations needed for the importation of animals. So, in order to import a monkey into Belarus coming from the African nation, it must be an AIDS marking on the veterinarian’s certificate as well as medical certificate.

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