How To Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate / Criminal Record Check In Canada

How To Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate / Criminal Record Check In Canada

The process of applying for Canada for non and citizen citizens.

a. Apply in-person By Yourself

  • Criminal Record Checks can be made by local police or a provincial police stations (RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real-Time Identification Service (CCRTIS)).
  • Contact information for Link: link
  • Visit the office of your choice. Get your fingerprints taken (an authorized fingerprinting business is available). Make sure you bring the necessary copy of your documents with the copies to your office.
  • Follow the official guidelines and send the complete application with all the required the required documents. Applicant must pay any fees according to the guidelines.
  • The application will be handled by the appropriate department.
  • The certificate is available from the location where the applicant made an application in person. It will be sent via mail on notification or issued according to regulations.
  • Address:

The Director

Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services,

RCMP the NPS building., Loading Dock #1,

1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa ON K1A 1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa ON K1A.

Process of applying – abroad to citizens.

a. Contact representative

  • Citizens may appoint a representative in Canada to submit an application on behalf of them, providing the necessary information and documents .
  • Contact Information Link: link
  • The representative should be provided with a written authorization.
  • The representative will visit the office of their choice. It is important to get the appropriate document copies.
  • Follow as per the authorities’ guidelines and send the complete application with all the required the necessary documents. Applicant must pay any fees, according to the guidelines. Application form filled out by applicant must be utilized.
  • The application will be handled by the department responsible for it.
  • The certificate can be obtained from the location where the applicants applied in person upon notification or issued according to regulations.
  • Address:

The Director

Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services,

RCMP the NPS building., Loading Dock #1,

1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa ON K1A 1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa ON K1A.


  • The applicant should submit the fingerprint of the center or authority to the representative.
  • The representative should be carrying the following documents when applying.
  • Original power of attorney
  • Passport or ID card.

Process of applying – for people who live out of country for non-citizens.

a. Application via mail(post)

  • The applicant must apply to an application form called “Canadian Security Services for Criminals” for the PCC via mail(post).
  • Attach the complete application form, along with the necessary documents and the fee paid information together with fingerprints obtained from a local authorized agents or officials.
  • Mail(post) this set of documents to the following address:
  • The application is processed by the relevant department. A certificate of approval will then be given to the applicant in accordance with the regulations.
  • Address:

The Director

Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services,

RCMP, NPS Bldg, 1200 Vanier Parkway,

Ottawa, ON K1A 0R2.

Documents that are required Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate / Criminal Record Check

Specific to a country

Identity document valid (identity card or passport, driving license, etc.).

  • Valid passport.
  • Citizenship proof/Document for National Identity (DNI)
  • Authorization letter for representative.

Foreign national

  • A duplicate of your passport when you are in Canada.
  • A duplicate of your permit for your stay in Canada as well as your passport number and location of issue , as well.
  • Documents that prove legality (copy of passport issued during that time period, and with seal and stamp).

In general

  • Application form
  • Valid citizen proof in the form of a picture (respective identification issued by the the respective country).
  • Fingerprints are taken using form C-216C at the local police station or private fingerprinting company.
  • Your email ID (useful to relay problems with your application)
  • A self-addressed , self-addressed and addressed envelope without stamps (as is required).
  • A valid contact number (applicant is able to be shared)
  • Passport-size photos.
  • Birth certificate (as per requirement).

Office Locations and Contacts

The DirectorCanadian Security Real-Time Identification Service for Criminals
RCMP the NPS building., Loading Dock #1,
1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa ON K1A 1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa ON K1A.

Contacts: link1 and link2

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The applicant must have a valid passport and an acceptable address proof.
  • Age: 15 years or over. If minors are involved applications must be made by the parent who has parental authority, if minor has not reached the age of 16 yet.
  • The location of the applicant should be the same as that on the passport along with other documents supporting it.
  • Candidates who require of residence status, employment, or a long term visas or to be admitted to a foreign country.


  • CDN$ 25.
  • Fees and charges vary from the particular situation. The latest fee requirements will be made available by the respective authorities when applying.


Validity norms differ between different countries.

Documents to Utilize

Formulas for applications

Processing Time

  • If there isn’t a match to a criminal record , it must be 3 working days, or less. Otherwise , 120 days.

The processing time varies according to the country where the application was made.


  • From July 1st, 2014, when fingerprints are required to conduct a criminal record check the fingerprints must be submitted electronically CCRTIS. Electronic fingerprint submissions enhance quality of service and the efficiency of screening.
  • If you are in Canada You just need to call at least one of these certified companies and police authorities to register your fingerprints electronically to make sure you don’t get delayed.
  • The electronic submission of fingerprints for RCMP is currently not accessible in other countries outside Canada. It is possible to contact certified companies within Canada that can digitize your fingerprints with ink and send electronically to the RCMP.
  • Please note that , after July 1st 2014, all paper submissions will not be processed , and are returned to their original author.
  • For a criminal record search, we need a complete set of fingerprints that includes flat and rolled impressions from all 10 fingers.
  • Complete all the fields of the fingerprint forms.
  • Forms that are not completed are returned to the applicant without processing.

The Information You Need

  • Your full name
  • date of birth
  • Sex
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • The number for fax
  • Address for e-mail

Documentation is needed

  • This Police Clearance Certificate and Criminal Record Check indicates that you’ve not been found guilty of any criminal offenses during the period you have specified.
  • Police clearance certificates are a duplicate your criminal record or declaration of not having the existence of any record from a criminal background. The police clearance certificates differ in every country and territories and can be known as police certificates as well as good conduct certificates. pcc, judicial record extracts or other similar terms. The certificates are issued by police departments or government departments and utilized to Citizenship and Immigration to prevent people who pose a risk to security of the country from entering the country.

Information that could be helpful

Please clearly state the reason for the certified background check.

  • Adoptions — Canadian and International
  • Foreign travel – Visas, U.S. Waivers, Border Crossing
  • Employment Footnote – federal, provincial, municipal governments; private industry; Canadian police forces
  • Volunteer work
  • Applications for admission to Canada Footnote
  • Application for Canadian Citizenship
  • Application to obtain a criminal record in order to apply for a Pardon
  • Name change
  • Permanent residence in countries outside of Canada (all countries, with the exception of Canada)
  • Candidates for job or volunteer opportunities must indicate the title of the job or the position they wish to fill out in the “REASON for APPLICATION” section on their fingerprint forms.
  • Anyone applying for immigration to Canada should enter names and addresses of the Canadian Immigration Center, Embassy Consulate, or High Commission handling the case in the “Name and Address of the Contributing Agency/Dept” part on the C216C.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • In many immigration cases , you could be required by the appropriate authorities to provide a Police Clearance Certificates from a different country in which you resided for a period of duration. If you’re going through an the process of obtaining an immigration visa, you will most likely be asked to show this type of certificate.
  • All individuals (principal applicants as well as dependants (spouse and children ), whether they accompany the person applying for the move to Canada and not) seeking the right to permanent residency in Canada who are 18 years old or more must have a valid police certificate from each country they’ve resided in for 6 months or more prior to 18 years old (or at least 16 years of old to be eligible for Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Iran). In certain instances, those seeking temporary residence (workers or students, or visitors) are also required to submit a certificate from a police department. Additionally, people who have resided in a foreign country for less than six months could also be required to present an official police document.

External Links

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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A fingerprint submission via electronic technology for the RCMP is not yet accessible beyond Canada. It is possible to contact third-party agencies in Canada that can digitize fingerprints in ink and send them electronically to RCMP. You can look up International Fingerprinting Services on the web. Electronic processing drastically speeds up processing when there’s no match with an RCMP fingerprint.



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