How to Obtain Driver License In Bolivia

Obtain Driver License In Bolivia By Online

If it’s your first time getting an driver’s license (for instance, if, for example, you were 18 when you moved to Bolivia) you could enroll in a behind-the-wheel driver’s course. Many local companies provide these courses for less than $100.

The first step of the process of applying to obtain the Bolivia drivers license is going to the police station located in your town (transito). After providing police officers with evidence to prove your age your legal residency, and a previous drivers license (if you own one) they will decide whether or not to offer you a test on paper.

If you’re told you need to pass the written test administered by police the prerequisite for the test is a three-day study course, which you need to plan ahead of time. Police will provide you with instructions regarding when and when you can take the course.

Police might also request of you an oral examination that they conduct together with you in a manner similar to an interview.

After you have passed all the required exams and courses After passing all the required courses and tests, you can begin collecting the other documents that you’ll need to submit in order to obtain the Bolivian driver’s license.

Then, at the police station fill out a form for criminal background checks (certificado of ancestors). A police officer will assist you complete the form, and will request you to return on the following day. The officer will conduct the background check and then have an officer from the superior level to sign the document.

It is also necessary to have photographs taken. Police will inform you of the size of them to cut and what background color the photos should have. They can be taken in any local photography shop. Police stations may have a photographer available.

A medical certificate is required. In order to obtain one, you have to schedule an appointment with your doctor who will complete the standard form to prove that you’re physically fit to drive. The form will also include the blood type of your.

After you have gathered your criminal background certificate, photos and medical certification, your following step should be to purchase the driver’s licence. Police will advise you of the bank you need to go to make the deposit. There is no charge for your driver’s license at the police station.

After you have all your documentation and an official bank receipt to prove your deposit, you’ll visit your nearest SEGIP Office (Servicio General of Identificacion Personal) which is a national identification issuer. Then, you’ll be required to buy an application form (formulario of inicio of tramite) that you complete and then place in the folder provided by SEGIP along with any other documentation you’ve took.

SEGIP personnel will look over the file and decide whether you have met the requirements for obtaining the driver’s license. If you do, your driver’s license will be issued the same day.

If the SEGIP decides that you are not in compliance and they notify you of their findings (observaciones) and will inform the steps you have to make to fix the issue. If you comply, the certificate will be released within the same day.

Required Documents For Obtain Driver License

  • Valid Certificate of Identification for Effective Presentation
  • The Driving Skills Certificate issued by Accredited by the SEGIP-SEGELIC.
  • Medical certificate (Blood Type Physical Assessment and Auditory, Visual) provided from Health Facilities accredited SEGIP-SEGELIC.
  • Certificates Background (FELC-C,-N and FELC TRANSIT).
  • A proof of deposit at the bank.

Office Locations and Contacts

Direccin de Trnsito
Av. Mariscal Santa Cruz and Oruro Street
La Paz, Bolivia
Phone: (591-2) 237-1226
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 12:00, and 14:00-17:45

Servicio General de Identificacion Personal (SEGIP)
National Office
Muoz Cornejo Street esq. Vincenti No. 2808, Sopocachi Zone,
La Paz, Bolivia
Tel: 591 – 2117405 02
Free Nnero 800-100-004

Regional Offices of SEGIP

List of Financial Institutions

How to Obtain Driver License In Bolivia
How to Obtain Driver License In Bolivia

List of Medical Centers

Listing of Driving Schools

Police Contacts


To get a driver’s license, you need to have at minimum 18 years old age and be legally resident in Bolivia. If you’re not an aspiring driver for the first time, it is necessary to also possess a driver’s license from the country of your origin.


Based on the type of driver’s licence for which you are applying The cost could range between 150 to 250 bolivianos not including the expenses that you pay to collect the evidence you provided (photos background checks, a photocopy of your passport and health certificate) or the cost of any classes you have to undergo.


It is expected to be renewed each year for 5 years.

Examples of Documents

Driver License Rules


The process begins with the station of police, and is completed at SEGIP Bolivia’s national identification service. You must be able to speak Spanish to pass any oral, written or driving test and be aware of the law and adhere to road signs. The fact that you do not speak Spanish is not a reason to exclude you from understanding and observing the law when traveling in Bolivia.

If you have a driver’s licence from your home country, it is required to show it when applying for the Bolivian license.

Requirements Information

  • The full title of your name as well as surname
  • The date you were born
  • Your country of origin
  • Your email address
  • Your fingerprint
  • The number on your carnet (a Bolivian I.D. card if you’re legally resident),
  • The kind of driving you’re allowed to perform (cars motorcycles trucks, buses, commercial vehicle, private vehicle, etc.).
  • It will also include the expiration date.

The Document is required

To obtain a drivers license to drive in Bolivia can be a long and tedious process and can vary for every person based on age, your level of driving experience, whether you have obtained an international drivers licence prior to moving into Bolivia and many other variables. The police will require documents to show that you’ve been legally recognized as a resident of Bolivia and that you are legally able to drive.

Information that can be useful

You’ll need an Bolivian drivers license before you can apply for licence plates or insurance on the vehicle registered in your name.

Other uses of the document/certificate

Driver Licence can also be used to identify documents.

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If you have a driver’s licence from your home country, it is required to show it when applying for an Bolivian license.

Tourists are able to rent cars with a valid driver’s license. Americans who are studying, living and working in Bolivia are able to obtain an Bolivian driver’s license.

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