How To Obtain a VAC Health Care Identity Card In Canada

How To Obtain a VAC Health Care Identity Card In Canada

The first step in applying in order to be eligible for benefits from disability – by Veterans Affairs Canada – is to complete the appropriate application form. It is available through any of these:

  • The printing of an application package
  • Utilizing the My VAC account. If you’re registered to have a MyVAC Account, you are able to make an application for disability benefits on this website. If you’re not registered and want to register, do so today.
  • Visit any of the Regional Offices, or through a Service Canada Centre
  • Calling Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Contacting a Service Representative
  • Service officers of The Royal Canadian Legion or the War Amps of Canada can help you with every element of your application for example, helping you obtain all the documents needed to back your application, such as medical records and service records. The assistance they provide is completely absolutely free.
  • The application should include specific details about your disability as well as your services. Make sure that you’ve got all the details listed below prior to submitting your application. This will allow us to review your application and send an answer to you in the shortest time possible. In the event that we do not have all this details, then the decision-making process could take longer.
  • After you’ve completed your application form You can then mail or hand deliver the application form at one of the local offices or an Service Canada centre. To locate the nearest office to your location, view our map.
  • If you are using My VAC as your account Your application will be electronically submitted.

Documents Required Obtain a VAC Health Care Identity Card

  • A signed and completed Application Formulation that has been signed and completed.
  • Your consent to sign for Veterans Affairs Canada to Collect Personal Information from third parties.
  • A completed QOL questionnaire for every specific condition that you’re seeking disability benefits.
  • Information on your medical condition to be used to support your application (including the most current diagnosis of your illness):
    • If you’re still serving you, we’ll get the necessary information from your health records. In the event that information we require is not available in your medical records, we will call you.
    • If you’re granted release to go home, you must have your physician or health professional fill out and sign the appropriate questionnaire for medical questionnaire(s).
  • Service Information If you’re currently employed, you should provide a copy of the MPR or Member’s Personnel Record (MPRR).
  • If this is your first time applying for Veterans Affairs Canada, we will also require an “Proof of Identity” such as an original copy of your driver’s license.

Office Locations and Contacts

Contact with Veterans Affairs Canada

What Are All The Eligibility

If you are a Veteran or another eligible person, you could be qualified to participate in this Health Care Benefits (Treatment Benefits) program. The program offers financial aid for health-care benefits or services that are available by way of Veterans Affairs Canadas (VAC) 14 Programs of Choice (POC). The expenses you incur while travelling to get treatment or benefits could be refunded.

Documents to Utilize

Formularies relevant to the programs and services provided through Veterans Affairs Canada.

Examples of Documents

The VAC Health Insurance Card


You may be eligible for aid in the form of financial assistance for benefits related to treatment If you meet the following criteria:

  • who are in receipt of an income-based disability benefit
  • receiving services under those who are beneficiaries of the Veterans Independence Program;
  • who receive financial assistance under or in receipt of financial aid through Long Term Care program; or
  • who are in receipt of in receipt of War Veterans Allowance.

Requirements Information

  • Your full name as it show on the cards. Only you have the authority to use the card.
  • Client Number Your Client Number is your unique identification number. Remember to mention this number when you contact us or write to us.
  • Program The numeral (1 up to 14) refers to the medical benefit or service. For more details about each one of them, go to Programs of Choice.
  • Group: Defines what coverage you have for your Programs of Choice.
  • Information for the Client

The Document is required Obtain a VAC Health Care Identity Card

  • The VAC Health Care Identification Card is a reliable and efficient method to identify the benefits that customers are entitled to receive.
  • The VAC Health Identification Card identifies the benefits or services we provide for you.
  • The card should be presented along with the required prescription to a doctor you choose who is a member of the program.
  • If you don’t know which providers are participating or providers, you can dial the number for clients listed by you VAC medical identification card.

Information that could be helpful

The health identification card from the VAC may be used in any province and territories. But, prior to traveling out of your home province, you must consult with Veterans Affairs Canada for advice regarding how to access services that are not available in the province of your residence. If a facility in a different province does not accept the card for payment, you could need make a payment for your benefit first and then apply for reimbursement.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

To get benefits or other services, typically all you need to do is show the VAC health cards to an health care provider. To be sure you have VAC benefits, the provider will also require the prescription of your physician or medical professional, and should you require it, you must also present you must obtain a pre-authorization form VAC.

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  • Be sure to secure your personal data if you fill the form using a computer shared with others as your personal information may be read by others.
  • If you’re using a public, shared computer, make sure that you don’t quit the computer while you are filling up the forms. Don’t save a completed form directly to the computer. Lastly, before you leave, ensure that you delete the cache of your browser and close the browser. In this way, then no anyone else will be able to see any personal information you might have filled in.



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