How To Obtain Birth Certificate In Canada

How To Obtain Birth Certificate In Canada

  • Send your request for the birth certificate to the Vital Statistics Office in the region or province where the birth occurred (contact information is provided below).
  • Make sure you carry a valid photo ID when you fill out the process. You are required to provide this document to verify your identity and ensure that you are in possession of the legal right to get the certificate.
  • The application fees must be paid.

If you’re not in Canada

You can use the contact information listed under the “Office Locations & Contacts” section to connect with the closest Canadian Embassy in the country where in which you currently reside. The consular service desk of the Embassy will be able to assist you with your request for the birth Certificate.

Documents Required Obtain Birth Certificate

  • Written application
  • Document attesting to the identity of the applicant

Office Locations and Contacts

Canadian Vital Statistics Office Alberta
British Columbia
New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island


The value of each certificate is different across every province and the territory.


Birth certificates are available from the state or territory in which the birth was recorded.

Requirements Information

  • The name on the document
  • Birth date
  • The place of birth
  • Name of parents

Documentation is needed

The Birth Certificate is a document that identifies the names and sexes of a person. It also states the date and location of birth. It’s issued once you have registered the birth of your child. Birth certificates are typically required when you apply to get a passport driver’s license, or a marriage license.

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Canadian Vital Statistics Office



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