How To Obtain Birth Certificate In Chile

How To Obtain Birth Certificate In Chile

Person to person By Yourself

  • The first step is to go to the civil registry.
  • Bring your ID with the RUN code, and If you don’t have it you may bring your marriage certificate.
  • You are required to pay the fee which are due (if this is the case)

In Online

  • You must go into your Chilean civil registry page.
  • In the category of certificates, you’ll find plenty of certificates that you can use and some are available for no cost.
  • It is essential to know your Run number and you must know your Email along with your email address. Anyone can assist you with this.
  • Because the company is electronic for everyone with IDs The certificate is issued instantly.
  • The certificate is then sent it to you via email.

Apply In Online

You can make an online application through the Chilean civil registration site it takes only just a few minutes, and the application will be sent to you via email.

Documents Required Obtain Birth Certificate

  • ID card

Office Locations and Contacts

  • Civil registration office in your area, locate the address and contact telephone number here:

What Are All The Eligibility

To be eligible, you need to qualify as a Chilean citizen, and have a valid RUN number (National specific role).


  • To be used for family allowance, it’s for free.
  • Other purposes, you can use the fee of $710 Chilean pesosequals 1.5 dollars


Birth Certificates are valid for 60 days. When it’s an electronic version You can verify the code printed on the certificate.

Processing Time

Birth certificates are instantaneous.


  • You can get a free birth certificate for the purpose of family allowance only.
  • You can purchase an birth certificate to serve any purpose.
  • Birth certificates do not include the date of birth, so you must request an exact copy of the certificate of birth.
  • The certificate can be requested on the internet and in person. If the certificate is available online, it has the latest electronic signature which means you can send it via email to institutions that require it.

Requirements Information

  • Full name
  • Residency
  • Contact number
  • Email
  • RUN

The Document is required Obtain Birth Certificate

Birth certificates in Chile is used to conduct legal processes and serves to confirm the birth year of the individual. Certain institutions and schools ask for the certificate.

Information that could be helpful

  • When presenting the birth certificate to any process, it can be checked on the Chilean civil registry website for 60 calendar days from when you purchased the certificate, by entering your folio’s number and the code verification. The synchronicity between the information shown at the top of the page and the information the printed certificate proves its authenticity. certificate on the specific day.
  • The requests or certificates can be paid using the payment options available on the site: General Treasury of the Republic, Servipag or My Accounts.
  • If you pay through Servipag as well as My Accounts you can add $ $101. Chilean pesos for each purchase. made.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

Birth Certificates can be used to prove your identity.

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