How to Obtain Certificate of Origin In United Arab Emirates

Obtain Certificate of Origin In United Arab Emirates By Online

  1. Open Ministry of Economy’s website . link.
  2. Log in to the e-services.
  3. Select Certificates of Origin service.
  4. Choose the kind of certification you’re applying for.
  5. Complete the form by including the details of the importer as well as the information for the invoice.
  6. It is also necessary to submit an application to receive the primary approval of the application.
  7. After you have received the primary approval, you must pay the necessary charges.
  8. Your application will be scrutinized and analyzed by the Ministry.
  9. After approval, a Certificate will be printed and distributed to the person who applied.

Please note that you can make a request at any time and get the original certificate between 8:00am and at 2:00 pm.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Economy

Contact Center 8001222office hours 8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Abu Dhabi
Phone: 0097126131111
Fax: 0097126260000
Mail Box Mail Box: 901

Phone: 0097143141555
Fax: 0097143581811
Mail Box Mail Box: 3625

Phone: 0097167471333
Fax: 0097167547979
Mail Box 556

Phone: 0097137655268
Fax: 0097137664880
Mail Box 1636

Phone: 0097192233330
Fax: 0097192229146
Mail Box 667

Ras Al Khaimah
Phone: 0097172278000
Fax: 0097172280099
Mail Box 865

Phone: 0097165281222
Fax: 0097165285333
Mail Box 3803.

Umm Al-Quwain
Phone: 0097167664416
Fax: 0097167664426
Mail Box 4848



Invoice Value : The amount of the Service Fee

  • 1-1000 : 20 Dhs.
  • 1001-5000: 40 Dhs.
  • 5001-20000: 60 Dhs.
  • 20001-40000: 80 Dhs.
  • 40001-100000: 100 Dhs.
  • 100001 – 500000: 200 Dhs.
  • Above 500001 400 Dhs.

Processing Time

It takes you between 5-10 minutes to finish your online registration.

Notification: You may make a request at any time and get the original certificate anytime between 8:00am and 22:00 pm.


You may send a request to obtain a Certificate of Origin online through – The request can be made anytime and get the initial certificate between 8:00am and 22:00 pm.

You can also make the request personally to the office of Ministry of Economy.

Requirements Information

  • Invoice data
  • Information about the importer

Need to have the Document

This process provides you with details on how to get the Certificate of Origin for local products.

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Ministry of Economy



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