How To Obtain Free My Digital TV Decoder In Argentina

How To Obtain Free My Digital TV Decoder In Argentina

  1. To be eligible for a free TV decoder, complete the application forms. The forms are accessible under the “Documents to use’ section along with instructions on how you need to fill in the form.
  2. Send the completed form to a post office of Argentine post closest to your office or home. Don’t forget to attach necessary documents.

If you have any questions or inquiries, for inquiries and questions, you can reach us at no cost from any point in the nation by dialling 0800-888-688 or 0800-888-832 each day from 9.00 until 21.00 midnight. Also, Saturdays, Sundays , and public holidays.

It is also possible to access the TDA’s web site.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Federal PlanningPrensa y Comunicacin TDA
Cabildo 65, C1426AAA, CABA
Technical assistance and complaints
0800-8880-832 (TDA)
0800-888-6488 (MiTV)

What Are All The Eligibility

  • state institutions whose mission and/or mission is to raise the awareness of culture and society and create educational or public relations campaigns through audiovisual presentations.
  • social organizations, nonprofit civil cooperatives, foundations, or associations which are designed to promote culture and awareness of society and produce educational and/or advertising campaigns through audiovisual presentations.
  • Homes: The owners of homes who are recipients from any one of these:
    • Pensions that are not a contribution: old-age pension (age 70 mother of seven or more children disabled / disability individuals with 76 percent or more)
    • Universal Child Allowance (AUH).
    • Retirement and/or pensions with minimum provincial or national assets.
    • Beneficiaries of social programs of any kind are listed in any of the registers of government institutions.
    • The members of households who are who are in a vulnerable situation which are not included in the categories above.

The Argentina’s Ministry of Federal Planning supports the SME sector by offering them free TDA. Therefore, if you run shops or a tourist bureau or a space open to the public or local food establishment, you can apply for the free TDA by calling 0800-333-8222 and inquire about how to apply to receive a free subscription.

Notice: For residents who aren’t included in the program, you can buy an uncoder for your TV from various shops across the country.

Documents to Utilize

Forms of application:


My Digital TV

The TV Digital Abierta (TDA) service offered by the Ministry of Federal Planning, is a television platform which makes use of the latest digital technology to broadcast audio and images of high-quality for no cost. It also provides other interactive services.

There are two methods to transmit TDA through terrestrial channels and using satellites.

The technology that is Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) lets digital antennas send digital signals to equipment receiving it. The system converts digital signals into sounds and images that are shown on any screen.

Digital Television satellite (TDS) is a system for transmission and reception of television signal that is transmitted from satellites to receiver antennas. The TDS primary goal is to cover other areas of the country that, because of its geographic conditions or a low density of population and are therefore outside the scope of coverage for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT).

Argentina currently is going through a process of transition that involves the change between analog and Digital Television. The process will be refined for a number of years prior to the “analog Blackout’, which means all signals that are transmitted are digital. The “analogical blackout” creates a significant technological and cultural shift which is why, in order to provide access to cutting-edge technologies for everyone The Ministry introduced”MyTV Digital,” a “My Television Digital” program, ensuring that all citizens have the opportunity to participate in keeping pace with the latest technological advances.

The Document is required Free My Digital TV Decoder

The Argentina’s National Government designed a program which gives citizens of Argentina the opportunity to have the access of “My Digital Television” through the distribution of digital TV decoders for free to eligible applicants.

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