How to Obtain Duplicate Copy for SSLC MarkList In India

Obtain Duplicate Copy for SSLC MarkList In India By Yourself

The authority for issuance of duplicate certificates in the State is the state’s education board, which is the “BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATIONAL”

  • Candidates may obtain their Duplicate Copy of Mark List in the event of loss or destruction of the certificate or destruction through fire or flood.
  • If the original certificate, the applicant should file a complaint at the closest Police Station. If the certificate isn’t traceable, the person should seek a non-traceable document by contacting the Police.
  • Based on the Non-traceable certification, the loss certificate issued by the Tahsildar in question could be obtained.
  • In the event that the document is completely destroyed by fire or flood an official certificate to that result must be sought from the Tahsildar in question.
  • When the certification is damaged and is not able to be used, it is required to be attached when you apply for a duplicate. In this scenario, there is no requirement to get a non-traceable certification from Police or Tahsildar.

Apply in-person at school

  • The application must be submitted on the prescribed format. Forms for application should be filled out by the applicant in only one way.
  • Visit the school or institution where the student completed SSLC. Request an application from their office according to the instructions instructed by the school or write it on an A4 sheet.
  • Send originals and Xerox from all forms (FIR AFFIDAVIT, FIR card Xerox Application template, bank statement if required).
  • The Head Master or Head of the school will counter-sign the application, and then send it an application to the board of education in state.
  • The signed Xerox document will then be returned to the applicant to be used for reference.
  • The cancellation of the certificate will be announced in the Gazette of the local education board. A copy of the notice together to the request will be referred to for further investigation.
  • Applications will then be reviewed and the certificate will be prepared.
  • Candidates will be advised to pick up the certificate. In the form of a letter from the state board of education, the candidate will need to visit at the offices of the state board for education to collect the certificate.

Direct Candidates For those who have written the SSLC exam in person (Private candidates)

  • The certificate of transfer from the institution where the student was last a student should be included in the application.
  • The application must be approved and endorsed by the head of the Institution which the student last attended.

The application must be sent to the office in question directly along with Chellan the transfer certificate, as well as the loss certificate that was issued by the Tahsildar District.

Required Documents For Obtain Duplicate Copy for SSLC MarkList

  • Application form
  • Affidavit on prescribed stamp paper.
  • Officials’ Authentication (certified by the Tahsildar/gazette officer) in the event of the loss of the Original SSLC certificate.
  • The applicant’s passport size photo (may be required to show the picture at the time when an applicant was examined)
  • Self-declaration
  • Aadhaar Card
  • A copy of the Mark sheet, when available
  • Non-Traceable Certificate as per the applicable

Office Locations and Contacts

BOARD of Secondary Education, DELHI,Registered Office: Ward No. 6,
New Delhi-110030
Contact information for Link Link


Students who have successfully completed their SSLC and have obtained the an original mark sheet are able to apply for a scholarship if their certificate has been damaged or lost.


It is your responsibility to pay according to the authority’s instructions at the time of submitting your application.


The Duplicate Certificate is valid forever.


  • Candidates are able to obtain Candidates can obtain the Duplicate Mark List in case the list is destroyed or lost due to fire or flood. The certified copy of Mark List is valid only for a short period of time, whereas duplicate mark lists are forever valid.
  • In the event of loss of the original marks sheet, the candidate has to file an investigation at the closest Police Station. If the certificate isn’t traceable, the candidate must get a non-traceable certification at the Police.
  • Based on the non-traceable certificate, a loss certificate from the Tahsildar could be obtained.
  • When the certification is destroyed by fire or flood an official certificate to the effect must be obtained from the Tahsildar in question.
  • In the event that the document is damaged and is not able to be used, it is required to be attached when you apply for a duplicate. In this scenario, there is no requirement to obtain a non-traceable document from Police or Tahsildar.
  • The application along with its enclosures should be submitted to the Headmaster at which he/she most recently studied to the district educational officer.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the person who is applying
  • Address of the applicant’s address
  • Father’s Name
  • Date of Birth
  • School in which the applicant was a student
  • Serial number from that original SSLC mark list

Documentation is needed

  • It is the SSLC certificate is taken by students upon the successful completion of an exam at the end of the course during the SSLC schooling stage.
  • This form of mark sheet is necessary for applicants to be able to complete their higher studies. Also, a duplicate of the mark sheet has to be procured. The standard 10th mark sheet is used as a the proof of date of birth too.
  • If you’re SSLC mark sheet has been damaged or lost, then you may apply for an original SSLC mark sheet through the respective state department of education.

Information that can be useful

  • Do not give cash to any person
  • Only those who have passed their SSLC class will be able to get the duplicate copy even if they do not have the an original copy of their first copy.
  • Students cannot get the duplicate copy if they’re already holding the original copy. should a student be found with duplicate copies and original copies, an education department of the State has the power to take legal action.



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