How to Obtain Land Title on Kingdom Land (kyapa Mugalo) In Uganda

Obtain Land Title on Kingdom Land (kyapa Mugalo) In Uganda By Yourself

  1. The first step is to visit the Buganda land Board offices at your location to register your Land.You are able to go to their website at the following link Buganda Land Board
  2. Find the block and plot number of the mailo/bibanja that your property is situated on Kabaka’s land;
  3. Once you have signed the Consent form, get it by contacting the Buganda Land Board in the Registry of Titles: Here the registry issues an invoice with the amount that must be paid that one then takes to the bank for payment in total. This is inclusive of the application fees as well as survey fees. It amounts to Ugshs.1 600,000.
  4. Pay the application fee and survey fees through the nearest Commercial Bank that has a Bank Account. You will receive an acknowledgement that is later be presented to Buganda Land Board registry. Buganda land Board registry to complete the process.
  5. Do a search through the Registry of Titles if you would like to do so following the presentation of the receipt for payment of the fee for search by the bank.
  6. In this moment one can also obtain the application for consent to transfer (in cases where the Kabaka land was registered under the names of other people..
  7. Include all documents required, such as the Transfer and Consent Forms the Mutation Application Form, Certificate of customary ownership and the Lease Agreement (in instances where the person applying leases the land at issue). It is not necessary to employ an attorney to draft the Lease agreement or execute the transaction, however in this scenario it is a common procedure.
  8. The property is appraised to be transferred and used to assess and pay the other duties and obligations.
  9. Find out the value of the property’s income for transfer purposes through Buganda Land Valuer’s Office in order to establish tax clearance certificates and assess form for the payment of stamp duty to Uganda Revenue Authority: Once the BLB valuer has given his approval on the amount and the file is handed over into Uganda Revenue Authority. Uganda Revenue Authority, where an assessment form for Stamp Duty is given. This form is required by the Uganda Revenue Authority also requires that any person who purchases land worth over UGX 50,000,000.00 (approximately $20,000.00) receive an Income Tax Clearance that identifies the buyer’s source of income for tax purposes prior to registration. The name of the bank that was designated will be disclosed.
  10. The payment of stamp duty is made at the commercial bank that is designated In the initial instance the assessment form that is handed to the bank. Then, the payment is made. The Bank will notify Uganda Revenue Authority Uganda Revenue Authority that payment was received. The process of reconciliation with both the Bank with Uganda Revenue Authority. Uganda Revenue Authority, which could take as long as three days.
  11. Provide documents for The Buganda Land Board in the hope of signing an agreement. The documents must include a the Lease agreement signed by the owner, receipts of the stamp duty payment, and Companies resolutions to purchase and sell. The embossed lease agreement is presented to the BLB to be further analyzed.
  12. An assessment form is issued that details the amount to be that is to be paid in exchange for Land Title. The form also gives information about the bank at which payment is to be made.
  13. One can make Payment of Land Title at an authorized commercial bank in order to begin the process.
  14. The lease is then processed, and turned by the tenant following signing the lease agreement. This is the end of the lease process in Kingdom Land.

Required Documents For Obtain Land Title on Kingdom Land

  • Identification Card;
  • Passport photograph.
  • Land Information (Agreements)
  • The receipts from the past for Land Lent
  • A Letter of Recommendation from the Local Council Authority.
  • Another proof to show that the land belongs to you.

Office Locations and Contacts

Buganda Land Board (BLB)1st floor Masengere Building Bulange mengo.
P.O Box1, Mengo- Uganda.
Phone : 039-326-3-742
Phone : 0414 271 921
Telephone: 039-326-3-741
Call Toll-Free : 0800 140
Site: Buganda land Board
Web site: Contact Addrees


Anyone who owns a parcel of mailo/bibanja on the original land of Kabaka is able to apply for a ”Kyapa Mungalo Land Title


  • Fees for application and survey Ugshs.1,600,000
  • The cost of the title are based upon the amount of land.


The “Kyapa Mungalo Land Title is valid for 99 years. You can renew your lease at expiration.

Processing Time

Processing times can range from up to three (3) or four (4) weeks, however when the digitalization process of the Land Board office is in place The process of chasing a title to land will take just minutes instead of weeks.


  • Visit the Buganda Land Board to obtain the necessary forms for application and then accurately complete them.
  • Print copies of all essential documents
  • Complete all the payments.
  • Send your application to the office of land.

The Information You Need

  • Address and full name of applicant;
  • Information about the Land that are in dispute i.e. location, plot , and block numbers;
  • The details of the owner who was the first.
  • Evidence of ownership.

Documentation is needed

  • A title to land called ”Kyapa Mungalo” is an official document that identifies and confirms the ownership of owners of mailo/bibanja land on the land of Kabaka. In Uganda the law permits the necessary certificates of ownership of land.

Information that can be useful

  • Mengo is the name given to it. Mengo offers Leasehold titles in recognition of it being true that land granted to the Kabaka by colonialists was owned by the indigenous people.
  • The bibanja holders who hold land , which is known as Kabaka’s land, are able to be granted leasehold titles. which is now known by the name Kyapa Mungalo. Although it’s not possible to convert your leasehold from freehold. However, without an ownership title (leasehold) it is possible to return in 1975 Land Reform Decree that made bibanja properties tenancies at sufferance. A tenant who is at-sufferance has no interest in the land other than development rights and has there is no guarantee of tenure.

The process of urbanization always requires land to be titled to allow better planning.
It is crucial to remember that:

  • It is believed that the Buganda Land Board Registry currently going through the process of digitizing files that requires scanning of all the paper documents and creating a database in a computer.
  • BLB is able to obtain an exemption certificate for freehold from previous land by submitting an application for it at the relevant Buganda Land Board office located in the different counties where the concerned Kabaka land is situated.
  • BLB cannot lease or grant government land.
  • People who live on Kabaka property do not have peace of mind.

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