How to Obtain Licence for Industrial Processing of Fish In Uganda

Obtain Licence for Industrial Processing of Fish In Uganda By Online

  1. Permits or licences to process fish industrially and other fisheries products is available from the Directorate of Fish resources under the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industries and Fisheries.
  2. Make sure you have the background information and pertinent information and fill out the proper application form, as detailed by the Ministry of Agriculture Animal industries and Fisheries.
  3. After filling out the form, then pay the prescribed fee.
  4. Complete the dully filled-in form, along with your payment slips to Health officer who is in charge for Fish and Animal products in the area where the by-products and fish processing plant are located.The health officer is responsible for the inspection of the facilities and the security of the process of industrial processing of fish as well as fishery-related products.
  5. Before a permit is issued, an office of the health inspector must conduct an inspection of the premises and the security of the processing in industrial facilities of fish and fishery products.
  6. Make sure you submit the fee for application has been completed and all the required information is submitted with the application.
  7. You must collect the industrial process of processing fish as well as fishing licence from the place the application was made within 7 days of the day the application was submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture Animal industries and Fisheries in the event there isn’t a rejection.
  8. If the market is local permits or licenses, they can be collected directly from Town Clerk or the Municipality or Division/City Authority. For international, regional or national markets, the processing and by-products as well as the Licenses can be obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture Animal industries and Fisheries under the department of fisheries resources.

Required Documents For Obtain Licence for Industrial Processing of Fish

  • Certificate of incorporation (copy)
  • Articles and memorandum of agreement (copy)
  • Investor Licence (copy)
  • Curriculum Vitae (copy) from technical personnel
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate (copy)
  • Title to Land Title (copy)
  • Plan for the establishment of the building (copy) it must be approved, and be printed on A4-sized paper
  • HACCP guideline (copy)
  • GMP Manual

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries. (MAAIF)Directorate of Fisheries
Department of Fisheries Resources
Plot 16-18 Lugard Avenue, Entebbe
P.O. Box 102 Entebbe, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 320 004 /256-414-322026
Mail Address:
Site: Ministry of Agriculture

Site: of fisheries resources


Possession of a large-scale fish production facility (factory) which is constructed and approved for processing of fish and other fish products in Uganda.


  • Application Fees 10.000 Ugshs
  • License Cost 3,000,000 Ugshs
  • Renewal Fee 3,000,000 Ugshs


The Licence granted pursuant to the Act lasts for one year , and expires on the 31st of December each year.

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 2 Days

The Information You Need

  • Owner’s full name
  • Age and sexuality.
  • Nationality.
  • BMU’s name. BMU.
  • The purpose of application.
  • Company name.
  • BMU recommendation.
  • Photocopy of any identity.
  • Name of the Authorized Licensing Officer.
  • Nationality /No./Passport No
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone No.
  • Business Location: Name of the Building/Place
  • Information on the carrier of the fish truck
  • The type of truck (5, 10 or, or other).
  • What kind of the hull
  • Overall Length
  • The Type of Engine (Fuel)
  • Intended Fishing Area
  • Proposed methods of fishing used
  • Declaration form
  • Certificate of inspection for vessels and vehicles
  • Copy of the annual return

The Document is required

The aim the document has is regulate control the large amount of processed fish .

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