How to Obtain Liquor Possession Permit for serving in Special Occassions In India

Obtain Liquor Possession Permit for serving in Special Occassions In India By Yourself

  • This is a temporary permit to serve alcohol by a person to guests at occasions like family gatherings or celebrations (except the religious and national festivals) that are held in the premises of a Hotel or Community centre, or any other venue (booked or used to hold the event) in which a liquor-serving permits are not available on the premises. This permit can be granted for a period of one day or two if it is necessary.
  • The applicant must apply to the local excise authorities at district levelor the authority concerned as per state of the certificate.
  • Visit the licensing authority of your location for the initial discussion on the region you would like to apply for the license. If the proposed location is approved and the specifics (any recent changes to policies of the government) are defined, then complete all the required paperwork.
  • A form to apply for a liquor possession permits for serving at an occasion is available at the appropriate office during your visit or could be completed in writing.
  • The applicant should make an application to the issuing authority by submitting a completed application form with all required documentation and payment.
  • When the application is accepted authorities will check the information and provide the applicants with a receipt. Make sure to secure it for any future transactions. Authorities will notify you of the subsequent steps.
  • Inspection of the premises is conducted by the police department. If there is a review of the fees amount, the applicant is required to pay in line with the revised amount.
  • If all formalities have been completed, the applicants will be notified to pick up the permit. Take the permit to the authorities.
  • If necessary, a Collector with the previous approval of the Excise Commissioner will issue the permit.


  • Permission to grant or refuse is at the discretion of the authorities.
  • In certain states, the applicant must seek out services available over the counter such as CSC centers/e-seva, etc. to apply.
  • In certain states, applicants must apply via the state department’s online portal.
  • Find contact information and application forms from the appropriate state portal procedures using the links provided for each of the states below.

Required Documents For Obtain Liquor Possession Permit for serving in Special Occassions

  • Application form.
  • ID document (Passport or Voter ID PAN Card / Driving License)
  • Residence evidence (Passport /Voter ID / PAN Card/Driving License)
  • Age evidence
  • Reservation slip for the location in which the event is to be arranged.
  • Invitation card for the event held.
  • Documentation from the body that supports it
  • Aadhar Card
  • Rent Receipt
  • Telephone Bill
  • Electricity bills paid
  • Receipt for Property Tax Paid
  • Photographs of Applicants
  • Signatures of Applicants


  • Original and copy of the original, with self-attestation as per the instructions of the respective authorities must be filed according to the requirement.
  • In addition to the documents above, authorities can request additional documents or information. You must provide them to process.

Office Locations and Contacts

Department Headquarters,15, Safdarjung Road, New Delhi-110029.
Ph&Fax : 011-23093868 / 011-23093289
For contact details : link AND link2


  • In the case of an individual,
  • Over the age of 21 or according to guidelines.
  • Who is an Indian citizen? India or an Indian citizen or Person who is of Indian Origin (P.I.O.)
  • a firm
  • a company
  • A society.


  • The permit holder must not consume alcohol except to fulfill the requirements stated.
  • The liquor should be purchased by a licensed retailer or from a hotel.


  • The charges are different across every state of India.
  • Pay in accordance with the department’s amendment. The authority when you apply will explain in detail.


Validity as indicated on the permit

Examples of Documents


The possession of alcohol by an person for use at celebrations and family gatherings.

Mr ………………………………………….. (name), is hereby authorized to possess and serve liquor on special occasion. and to use it for private functions according to custom, with the following restrictions.


1. The authority holder will be subject to the Liquor Regulations of the State (Licence and Permit) Rules, which are amended periodically in regards to him.

2. Supply of liquor is procured from the authority holder an authorized wholesale depot in the state of Illinois. The transportation of the consignment of alcohol from the supplier licencee’s premises to that of the authority owner should be covered by an approval for transportation in the form F.T.P.1 issued by the Assistant Commissioner.

3. The quantity of liquor owned by the authority should never exceed ……..litres in any moment, and the amount consumed during a month must never exceed ………….litres.

4. The liquor that is possessed by this authority can be used by the holder to celebrate a celebrations or family gatherings and for no other reason.

5. The authority holder must keep accounts using the form F.Ac.11. All receipts of purchase of liquor along with the permit for transport must be kept in the support of the account and presented to be examined upon demand by any officer authorized to examine the authority.

The date was on the ……………. Day of ………………….. 19………. Seal Collector District..


The Excise Department is in charge of granting Permits to Possession of Liquor.

The Document is required

  • The permit is granted for the duration of a certain time and is considered to be temporary.
  • A license is required to serve alcohol by an individual for his guests during a celebration or event that is held at an Hotel, Community Centre or any other venue (booked or used for the purpose of holding an event).
  • According to the government’s policy the sale of liquor is served only with a license and certificate. If there is a need for a temporary requirement, one can apply for a liquor possession permits at the location in which he/she wishes to serve.

Information that could be helpful

      • The permit outlines the amount of liquor that is owned by the licensee for the duration of.
      • The applicant has not been found guilty of any crime.



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