How To Obtain Marriage Certificate In Cape Verde

How To Obtain Marriage Certificate In Cape Verde

  • The duplicates of certificates can be issued in the event of theft, loss or destruction. They could additionally be issued in cases of the deterioration of the certificate. To get certified copies of marriage certificates visit the local civil registry office. The contact details are listed below.
  • Don’t forget to present a valid ID. Civil registry officials could ask for your identification card to verify your identity. ensure that you have the authority to receive the certificate.
  • If you are submitting your request, make sure you’ve given these crucial details that can make the search for the record much easier
    • Name of spouses
    • The date and location of the wedding
  • The application fees must be paid, and wait for a response from the Registrar about when you should return to collect your certificate.

If you’re not in Cape Verde

The link is that is listed under “Office Locations and Contacts” to connect with the Embassy closest to Cape Verde in the country that you currently reside. The consular services section of the Embassy will assist in processing your request to get the marriage certificate.

Documents Required Obtain Marriage Certificate

  • Written request
  • Valid identity
  • The marriage certificate is to be replaced, should it be necessary.

Office Locations and Contacts

Citizens’ ServicePhone + 238 260 55 25
Fax +238 261 24 02

What Are All The Eligibility

Any Cape Verdean citizen


Certificate of Marriage: 6.00

Requirements Information

  • Name of spouses

Date and place of wedding

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