How to Obtain National Radiation Protection Authority License In Uganda

Obtain National Radiation Protection Authority License In Uganda By Yourself

  1. To apply for a the license of the national radiation protection authority in person, the applicant must go to the office of the Uganda radioprotection Authority.
  2. For contact information, go to “Uganda Radioprotection Authority” on the following link Atomic Energy Council
  3. Visit the office to obtain an application for a license for National radiation shield from the department.
  4. Contact the official at the office regarding the documents that need to be submitted to the application form you’ve completed. Complete the application form in the manner needed with the relevant information and specifics.
  5. After filling out the form in relation to the requirement to apply, attach the necessary documents together with the form that you have completed.
  6. After that, you can submit it to the Uganda Radiation Protection office of the authority of the Atomic Energy Council.
  7. Pay the fees prompted in the amount that is required. Then the application form along with any supporting documents will be sent to various verification procedures and verification.
  8. After all the steps are completed and the required documents are checked for accuracy After that, your application will be approved , and a the national radiation protection license will be issued prior to announcement.

Required Documents For Obtain National Radiation Protection Authority License

  1. An application form that is completed and signed
  2. A certified copy of these documents is:
  3. Academic Certificates
  4. The National Identity Card/Relevant Pages in the passport
  5. Professional Certificates and other endorsements
  6. A membership or registration in an organization for professionals
  7. Latest dosimetry results
  8. Full haemograms results
  9. A New Curriculum Vitae
  10. Work Permit for non-Kenyan
  11. Two (2) recent passport-sized photos that are signed by the employer

Office Locations and Contacts

Atomic Energy Council:Plot 40, Bukoto Street,
P.O. Post 7044 KampalaP.O. Box 7044, Kampala Uganda.
Phone: +256-414-696-333/5 (toll free)
Site: Atomic Energy Council


  • Scroll until the end of the page. Contact details are listed.


  • A person is not permitted to give ionizing radiation to anyone else unless legally licensed. certificate issued by National Radiation Protection Authority.


  • The registration fee is Ugshs.100,000+ (paid at once) and/or annual fee of Ugshs.100,000+


  • One Year

Processing Time

  • One Month


  • A worker who works in radiation is legally required to undergo a medical exam and be checked for radiation exposure.
  • After receiving an request for a license authorities will, upon receipt of the application for a license Authority will, after payment of the fee, issue the applicant the proper license.
  • A person may contest the the refusal to issue an authorization within one month of receiving a notice sent to him in this regard.

The Information You Need

  1. Name of the applicant
  2. ID/Passport No
  3. Nationality
  4. Postal Address
  5. Physical Address
  6. Tel.
  7. Fax
  8. E-mail
  9. Practice type (e.g. medical, industrial, engineering, scientific, e.t.c)
  10. Academic Education
  11. Professional qualification in radiation safety
  12. Professional Association or Body Membership
  13. The Applicant’s Declaration:

The Document is required

  • Someone whose job requires working with or in proximity of machines that produce radiation or radioactive materials , and is at risk of being exposed to radiation should sign up at the Uganda National Radiation Protection Authority and be issued an official license.
  • Workers in the field of radiation include anyone who is who is at risk of exposure to radiation due to his job.

Information that could be helpful

The license granted could:

  • Can be amended at any time upon written notification to the holder from the Authority the Authority, if, it believes that the amendment is needed to ensure security of the public;
  • The license may be suspended or revoked by the Authority in the event that the holder fails to abide with the terms and conditions set forth in the license or as laid out by the Radiation Protection Act or any regulations made thereunder when the license is suspended, or revoked, the holder must comply with the measures that could be suggested by the Authority to ensure that there are no radiation risks are created.

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