How to Obtain Permission or License for Disposal of Solid Waste In India

Obtain Permission or License for Disposal of Solid Waste In India By Yourself

  • To get permission for the disposal of solid wastes in person The person who is proposing to dispose of the waste must go to the Regional Office or the Pollution Control Committee.
  • Contact the Regional Office and get the Application form, or consult the “Documents to utilize” section on this page.
  • Complete the application form with all the details and information necessary to obtain permission to dispose of solid wastes. Mark the “Disposal on landfill” option under the ‘Authorization Required section of your application. After that, it must be signed by the signature of the applicant.
  • Be sure to are armed with all documents listed in the “Required documents” section on this page. Attach all of the documents and documents that pertain to your needs.
  • Then, the application should be sent to the Regional Office for the Pollution Control Committee which will be forwarded to responsible officials. The officials will review the application and the documents attached for any deficiencies.
  • If all of the submitted details are deemed adequate to satisfy an Engineer or officer in charge The report must be delivered for review by Board within 24 hours. Board in 24 hours, without failure.

After the further steps The physical copy of authorized Authorization order will be sent by the Board within one day of the approval, to the person who submitted the application.

Required Documents For Obtain Permission or License for Disposal of Solid Waste

  • Copy of clearance from Site (local body)
  • Environmental Clearance proof copy
  • Completely filled out application form (Form-I)
  • Map out the location
  • Land alienation order
  • Consent for the copy of the contract
  • Copy of agreement between municipal authority and the operating agency
  • A copy of the document that documents Investment for the Project along with the anticipated return

Office Locations and Contacts

Delhi Pollution Control Committee,6th floor C wing
Delhi Secretariat, I P Estate,
Delhi – 110002.
For more contact information Contact us. Link


  • Companies applying for Authorization must be in possession of a an original Consent to establish or renew Consent Order.
  • The Occupier seeking the permit must be knowledgeable of the technology choosing criteria for the treatment of solid waste
  • The person who is responsible for the disposal of solid wastes must know about the legislation that was amended to regulate the Management of Solid Wastes.


The fee structure or the specific information regarding the cost of authorization to apply can be obtained from Board Personnel.


5 years.

Documents to Utilize

Form for requesting authorization is available on the 72nd page of the following document.


  • SPCC or SPCB either suspend or revoke the authorization at any point at any time, if the local authority or the operator of the facility fails to run the facility according to the rules and regulations.
  • The local body will be informed prior to the cancellation of the authorization.
  • It must be confirmed that applicants haven’t completed applications to obtain Municipal Solid Waste authorization using more than one User Id for the industrial location.
  • Any unauthorised change to the equipment, personnel, or working conditions that are not mentioned in the form submitted by the authorized person will result in an infringement of his authority.

The Information You Need

  • Details about the business
  • Contact Information and address of the occupier
  • Information on capital and investment
  • Date of commissioning
  • Quantity of waste that will be to be disposed

The Document is required

The authorization to dispose of Municipal Solid Wastes is essential to allow Disposal of Solid Wastes with prior approval and supervision by officials of Pollution Control Board authorities.



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