How to Obtain Retail Trade License In Bhutan

Obtain Retail Trade License In Bhutan By Online

  1. Complete the request form for wholesale and retail trading (Form II) with a valid stamp on it.
  2. How to Obtain Retail Trade License In Bhutan
    How to Obtain Retail Trade License In Bhutan
  3. The applicant should also provide two passport size photos from the individual applying. If the application is for a partnership licence, each partner must submit photos.
  4. It is essential that the applicant(s) (sole sole proprietorship, partnership or) must also show their identity card from their country of citizenship at the CC/RTIO’s representative at the time of applying for the retail trade permit.
  5. The applicant(s) must have an active security clearance when applying for a retail trade license. It will be checked with the CC operator or RTIO by using the identity card of citizenship for applicant(s). applicant(s).

Required Documents For Obtain Retail Trade License

  • Completed application form
  • Two copies of recent passport-sized images of the person who owns the passport or, when applying for a partnership license, photographs of the partners are required to be provided.
  • Original citizenship identification card
  • Security Clearance Certificate

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Economic Affairs
Department of Trade
P.O. Box 141
Thimphu Bhutan
Phone: +975-2-322407/325588
Fax: +975-2-327827

Department of Industry
Director: 02-325323
PA Director: 02-323597



Citizens of Bhutan aged 18 or over.


  • Large Scale Nu. 10,100
  • Medium Scale: Nu. 5,100
  • Small Scale Nu. 3,100

The customer must also pay for scanning, printing or photography fees when the service is accessed by CC.


Retail Trade Licenses are valid for a time which is for one full year.

Documents to Utilize

Application Formula in Retail Licence Issuance

Processing Time

It can take up to an entire working day the application to be processed provided you’ve provided all the documents required.


Apply for an retail trade license through the Regional Trade and Industry Offices of the Ministry of Economic Affairs or any Community Center under its jurisdiction.

Requirements Information

  • Name
  • Citizenship ID No
  • Certificate of Security Clearance No.
  • Mobile No
  • Email
  • The list of major activities
  • The size of the business
  • Location

The Document is required

Retailing is the business of selling products and services. Retailers purchase items or goods in bulk directly from the manufacturer or via an intermediary like a wholesaler. The retailer then sells these items in smaller quantities to consumers at profit.

The law of Bhutan obliges retailers to get an initial retail trade license before they can start running the company.

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  • Citizens Services Website of Bhutan:

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