How to Obtain Seed Certification In India

Obtain Seed Certification In India By Yourself

  • In general, seed certificate refers to the tag that is obtained from the department of seed certification authority (Assistant Seed Certification Officer) for the lot that was applied from the registered entity producing seeds (Firm/unit/farm).
  • The certificate will provide information about the certified type of seed (paddy/wheat etc. ) and the class of seed the certificate was issued to, date when certificate is issued Test date, Tag Number, the validity of the certificate, and much more.
  • The seed certification process is an method created to ensure that seeds meet the accepted quality of seeds as well as vigour, purity, and health of the seed to ensure and offer to the general public a constant supply of top quality seeds and propagating material of certified varieties and types of plants.
  • The state-certified authority has the name “Seed Certification Unit Delhi Administration,”.

Apply In-Person to apply

  • The applicant must obtain a an official seed production certificate as part of the seed certification program
  • The applicant should include a to certification label, purchase the seeds and keep records to confirm Seed Source.
  • The area where the seed is grown to be certified is to be checked on a regular terms. The report should be available to the department.
  • Post-harvest supervision is conducted by a an authorized authority.

After the above steps have been completed the applicant must submit Seed Sampling as well as Analysis to the following procedure.

  • The applicant should visit their office in order to apply.
  • The applicant should bring the dimension of Sample to be submitted with the application. Details regarding the size of the sample to be supplied from the department.
  • Please check out to our “Office Contacts & Locations” page for office locations and contact information.
  • Make sure you have the proper application form according to the officer’s instructions or write it on a sheet of A4.
  • Link to application form Link for application form Please download application forms on page 10.
  • Complete the application and submit it along with fee for registration, challan to deposit the fees (or pay in accordance with departmental regulations) and the necessary documents as specified in our session on required documents.
  • After approving the application after which the officials will review the application documents.
  • If everything is in order the authority will issue a certificate of receipt for the application that is accepted.
  • The application will be handled later by department. The seeds will undergo analysis at the Seed Testing Laboratory.
  • The documents that are submitted are subject to scrutiny.
  • Seed Certification Officer (SCO) or the responsible authority will conduct their due diligence using the assistance of the periodic reports supplied from the person who is applying.
  • The report of the Seed Certification Officer (SCO) or the relevant authority the Seed Analysis Report will be examined for final approval.
  • On the basis of approval, award of certificate, certification tags, labels seals, etc. are prepared
  • After the license has been prepared by the signature and seal of the authority responsible, the applicant is notified of their right to obtain the License.
  • The applicant can pick up the license or have it handed out in accordance with the norms applicable.


The certificate will be cancelled in the event that the applicant fails to meet the standards of the department in one-time show cause notice.

Required Documents For Obtain Seed Certification

  • Original copy of Seed producer’s certificate.
  • Certification tag
  • Purchase records for the seeds that were sown.
  • Application form.
  • Company Letterhead
  • Rubber stamps in the company’s name
  • Details about seeds that are handled
  • A company’s authorization, if there is one.
  • Establishment certificate
  • Aadhaar Card if required

Additional documents (If There is any)

Office Locations and Contacts

Seed Certification Unit Delhi Administration,Room No. 5 and 6, Old Civil Supply Building,
New CourtsTis Hazari, Delhi-110004
Link for Contact Link


  • The registered seed processing and production unit is required.
  • The registered seed farm must be used

Any variety that will be qualified for seed certification must satisfy the following criteria:

  • General requirements
    • Should be a registered variety in Section 5 of the Indian Seed Act, 1966.
    • Should be part of the chain of production and its pedigree must be identifiable.
  • Field standards
    • Field standards cover the selection of the location, separation requirements, spacing between plantings and border rows, among others.
  • Specific specifications
    • The presence of off-types in any plant, pollen shedders in Sorghum, Bajra, Sunflower and others. Shedding tassels on maize crosses, disease prone plants, undesirable weed plants and so on. must be within the permissible maximum levels of certification.
  • Seed Standards in accordance with state regulations Minimum standards for seed certification have been developed crop-wise.


  • According to authorities.


  • The validity period is nine months or according to applicable state norms starting as of the date of the examination when the test was conducted. the initial certification.
  • The validity time frame could be extended further for an additional six months, provided that the seeds to meet established standards for quality of the physical, its germination and pest/insect damage to all seeds, except vegetative propagated material for which lots will be tested again for specific standards for seeds for the specific varieties.

Processing Time

  • When you have the Seed Analysis Report is ready the certificate must be issued as soon as possible.

Since the applicant is an authorized entity and has completed all necessary steps for becoming an authorized seed supplier, the seed certificate for the lot submitted will be processed within a short time.

Requirements Information

  • The full name and address of the applicant
  • Complete details on the names of the seeds to be handled
  • Mobile number

The Document is required

  • Seed certification is necessary to ensure that the seeds are pure high-quality, resilient as well as healthy seed.
  • The seed certification process is quality-assurance procedure.
  • Without seed certification, one may not apply the tag to other business definitions.
  • Seed Processing refines the seeds that have been harvested postharvest to its most pure form for replanting as well as human and animal consumption.

Information that could be helpful

  • Take all the documents you need.
  • Take a photocopy of the completed form to use for reference in the future.



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