How To Obtain Single Certificate of Conformity In China

How To Obtain Single Certificate of Conformity In China

  • The preparation of the application documents and submission to Chinese authorities
  • Acceptance of the application, receipt from the Single Certificate of Conformity Factory code and the specifications of the test equipment
  • Tests of the product in an Chinese laboratory
  • Factory Audit

The authority that certifies The certification authority sends Chinese auditors to examine the facility. The typical audit lasts two days.

  • One Certificate of Conformity Certificate is issued.
  • Single Certificate of Conformity-mark the printing permit is granted

After being approved by the organization that certifies CNCA The product has to be marked using The Single Certificate of Conformity logo.

Office Locations and Contacts

General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and QuarantineNo. 9. Madian East Road
Haidian District
People’s Republic of China

What Are All The Eligibility

The expression “certification” as defined in the current Regulations is a reference to the evaluation processes carried out by certification bodies to determine that the products or services and management systems comply with relevant norms in the field and their mandatory specifications or standards.

Examples of Documents

One Certificate of Compliance China

Processing Time

The time frame for the certification is dependent on the capabilities of the lab, the authority along with the auditors. Careful planning will ensure that the timeframe set is not exceeded.


The certification’s success depends on the strictness with which you follow Chinese regulations. The results of testing and factory inspections are scrutinized with Chinese authorities and precisely compared to previous completed forms. If there are any mistakes or errors or omissions, the certification can be rejected or delayed.

Requirements Information

  • Application
  • CB certification
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Product description
  • Materials or components that are essential to the key components
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Business licenses are required for applicants.

Documentation is needed

  • The items listed in the Catalogues have to be certified by certification bodies that are specified by the accreditation and certification management department within the State Council.
    The certification marks for those products mentioned in the catalogs must be uniformly regulated by the accreditation and certification administrative department in the State Council.
    Certification refers to the assessment of conformity (testing as well as certification) to demonstrate the conformity to Chinese regulations.

Information that could be helpful

The steps for the certification follow-up is comparable with the procedures of the original certification, but are overall smaller, easier and less expensive.



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