How to Obtain Wholesale license for Liquid, Fuels and Gas In Malawi

Obtain Wholesale license for Liquid, Fuels and Gas In Malawi By Yourself

  1. Make sure you have all necessary documents and obtain an application form to importation licence form LFG5 form. Malawi Energy Regulation Authority (MERA) office at your address.
  2. Complete the application form in accordance with the instructions and pay the necessary application fee.
  3. Attach all documents required to the application , including the receipt of payment proof
  4. The complete application should be sent at the Malawi Energy Regulation Authority by this email address: MERA Private Bag B496, Capital City, Lilongwe 3, Malawi.
  5. Alternately, you can submit the application yourself at the office of head (Licensing Section)
  6. A licensing official will accept an application. MERA will acknowledge the receipt in writing to you within 30 days of the day they received it.
  7. The licensing office forwards your application on to Energy Technical and Licensing committee of MERA The committee will evaluate the application, and then send an inspector to examine your premises.
  8. You will not be informed of the inspection, and neither yourself or your agent are legally required to be present during the inspection
  9. Inspection will be conducted by the inspector, and will forward the report of the inspection to the Energy Technical and Licensing committee
  10. The committee will go over the report, and if it comes to an acceptable conclusion the committee will then forward its an opinion for approval to MERA main board.
  11. The Main board will meet and decide whether or not to issue the licence
  12. In the event that they are able to approve the application you will be informed of the decision via the contact details you have provided
  13. Your application is processed, and you’ll be required to select the entire license after it’s ready for collection.

Note: All reasonable expenses that are incurred by the Authority to process the application and the production of the licence will be borne by the applicant upon prior notification to that you are the person applying to the Authority.

Required Documents For Obtain Wholesale license for Liquid, Fuels and Gas

  • A three-year business plan, which should include a comprehensive description of the company’s profile, the organisational structure, shareholding or any other ownership details , and the necessary expertise in liquid fuels, or gas, depending on the situation. could be.
  • A three-year proposed investment plan that will include the statement of funds flow as well as the balance sheet of profit and loss the execution plan, human resource strategy, projections of the market, and cash flow or financial projections
  • The certificate you received for incorporation, or any other instrument of registration issued pursuant to the Laws of Malawi
  • Your Memorandum and the Articles of Application for Wholesale Licence. Form of application for an Wholesale Licence Association or any other legal instrument that is recognized as a valid instrument by Malawi’s Laws of Malawi, such as a trust deed
  • Evidence of the acquisition of land along with the necessary certification issued by the Ministry of Lands or any other approved Planning Authorities
  • A suggestion regarding how you will adhere to your obligations under the Environment Management Act
  • The evidence of the approval given to the machinery and plant required through the Director Occupational Safety, Health and Welfare on the properness of the equipment for the particular task
  • Your storage plan equivalent to 30 days storage of market share expected as well as approved building plans depot tanks and storage equipment that have been approved from the Malawi Bureau of Standards and the Inspector of Factories
  • A letter of reference confirming your creditworthiness should be obtained from at minimum one local commercial bank as well as one bank that is reputable internationally.
  • Complete application form and the necessary identification documents

Office Locations and Contacts

Malawi Energy Regulation Authority (MERA)
Head Office Lilongwe Lilongwe
2nd Floor Development House, City Center,
P/Bag B-496, Capital City,
Lilongwe 3, Malawi
Tel: +265 (0) 1 774 103 /775 810 /812
Fax: +265 (0) 1 772 666
Regional Office – South – Blantyre
Mpico House (Formerly MDC Hpouse)
Along Glyn Jones Road,
P.O. Box 2619 Blantyre
Tel/Fax: + 265 (0) 832 496, 01 823 893, 01 831 367
Regional Office – North – Mzuzu
Mpico Building
Tel/Fax: + 265 (0) 312 769
Contact details and map Contact details and map:
Web site: Link


  • Individuals and registered businesses


  • Fluids: MK 250,000
  • Other gas and liquid fuels MK 300,000


  • 12 months

Documents to Utilize

  • Application Form LFG 5

Processing Time

  • Within 90 days


  • The license is renewed at expiration. If the licensee seeks renewal of his licence the first time following the date of the initial license, the application must be accompanied by a valid certification of conformity with the Occupational Safety Health and Welfare Act, and an official certificate of conformity in accordance with the Environment Management Act.

The Information You Need

  • Names
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Premises address
  • Dates
  • Signatures

The Document is required

  • This certificate proves the fact that you’re a registered wholesaler the fuels, liquids, and gas, and you operate without it being illegal and thus punishable by the law.

Information that could be helpful

  • Instructions for Application: Link

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