How to Online Apply Food Business Operator (FBO) License In India

Step 1:First one should ensure that all necessary documents are available for online application. If you’d like to learn more about the documents required to complete this process, follow the link : Required Documents for Food Business Operator (FBO) License
Step 2:Please follow the link to apply online: Apply online.
Step 3:On opening the link above you will be directed to the page displayed below. If you’re already registered with FSSAI and you are registered, then type in your username, password as well as the captcha code for verification in the text field which has been highlighted with yellow. After that, click “Sign in”. If you’re a brand new user, then click “Sign up” tab that has been highlighted with yellow.

Step 4:If you click the “Sign up” tab, you will be taken to a sign-up page where you need to complete all the required information and then click the “Register” tab, which is highlighted in red.

Step 5:After your successful registration you will be presented with an online screen asking you to click the “Click here” link to request the license.

Step 6 : Then you will be redirected to a Declaration/Undertaking page where you have to click “Accept” tab which is highlighted in RED.

Step 7:Now on the new screen, select the state in the drop down menu as shown in the image below.

Step 8:Then it will prompt you to be presented with a screen on which you will have to choose the appropriate option “Yes” and “No” according to the operation of the business, which is highlighted in red. Select the type of company where it is necessary to obtain a licence. Click the “Proceed” option at the end of the page, which appears in RED.

FBO 7.gif step 9:Now you’ll be directed to a webpage where you can see your company’s name as well as the category of license you’re entitled to. After that, click the “Click to apply” link, which is indicated by the RED Arrow in the following image.

Step 10:Online form page will be accessible to applicants to complete the required fields, upload photos, documents, and aadhar when asked for online application.
Step 11:Finally click the “Save and the next” button at bottom to get to the next page.
Step 12:Then print the form and then sign the form.
Step 13:Scan your form for upload according to the instructions provided on the webpage by clicking “Choose the file” and then click the “upload” option.
Step 14:Finally click the “Submit” button at bottom of the page to go to the next page.
Step 15:User will be given the an option to pay. Follow the instructions on the page to make the payment, by pressing “upload”.
Step 16:Now click the “submit” button at the top to obtain an acknowledgement slip. Keep it safe to refer to it in the future.



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