How to Pay Taxes In Jamaica

Pay Taxes In Jamaica By Online

  1. Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ), or Tax office for filing, is responsible for Taxes. This link will take you to the Link website.
  2. You can pay your Tax online by visiting TAJ’s Link website.
  3. To be taken to the account login page, click on “ Login “tab from the homepage.
  4. If you have an existing account, enter your password and click on “Create account” to create one. Fill in the required fields on the new page and click “Next”.
  5. The notice will thank you for creating the account and send your password to your email address.
  6. Enter your password, sign in, and then read and accept the provide policy. You will be directed to the next page. Here you will be asked a reminder question about your password. Click on “ Save” to be taken to your account’s online service portal.
  7. Scroll down to “ Apply For An e-Services account”under “Other Non-Logon Services”, or click on “Apply for e-Services account” to go to the online registration form
  8. To access the account details page, please read the information on the e-service registration page.
  9. Click on “Next” to go to the Security Questions page.
  10. Answer all security questions, then click on “Next” to go to the Accounts Manager Details Page.
  11. Fill out the following page to complete details about the Account Manager. Next, click the “Add button to upload required attachments. Attachments can only be uploaded to this page if they are less than 5MB in size. To add users to your account, choose “Yes”. Then add the details to the other person using the link “Add a record”. You will need to choose “Add A Record” for each record you wish to add. To stop other accounts being added to your account, click the “Nextbutton” to go to the summary page.
  12. Check the information that you have submitted and click the “Submitbutton” button. If you wish to make any corrections, click the “Previous” button
  13. After submitting the form, a page with configuration information will appear. Here you can read all the information about your application. Click “OK” to return to the eServices page or “ Print View” for printing the confirmation message. You should note the configuration number before selecting “OK”.
  14. Once you have submitted your account, the tax department will verify that your application is complete. They will then approve it and send you a notification of approval with details about setting up a password.
  15. To file your taxes online, set up your password and log in to your e-service account.
  16. Once you are logged into your E-service account you can choose to file your returns either as a Sole-Trader, Company or Organization. The online tax filing form will then be opened as per your selection.
  17. To proceed to the next page, simply fill in the required information and click “Next”.
  18. After you have completed all required declarations, click “Submit” at end of form. All data will automatically be computed and the system’s tax calculator will display the correct tax.
  19. Print the tax form and go to the Tax office to pay it.

Required Documents For Pay Taxes

  • E-service account

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Tax Administration Jamaica – Head OfficePCJ Bldg. 36 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 5
Tel: 922-5905
Fax: 754-9593
Customer Care Centre: 1-888 Tax Help (829-4357)
Website: Link

Tax Administration Jamaica Business Office – Oxford Road
NCB Towers, 6th and 9th Floors, North Towers
2 Oxford Road Kingston 5.
Tel: 920-2310/920-2906
Fax: 929-7496

Tax Administration Jamaica Business Office Ocean Blvd.
Office Centre Bldg. 12 Ocean Blvd. Kingston
Tel: 967-0000 Digicel: 619-1112
Fax: 948-0374

Tax Administration Jamaica Business Office – East Street
116 East Street Kingston
Tel: 922-3470
Fax: 967-4750

Contact details for all offices: Link


  • Tax is payable by all Jamaican individuals, companies, and organizations that deal with tax-related matters


  • The filling out process is free of charge


  • Each year, taxes are only paid once

Requirements Information

  • General Information
  • Summary of Income
  • Deductions and Statutory Income
  • Available loses

You will need the document

  • Failure to pay taxes in Jamaica is a crime.

External Links

  • TAJ:



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