How to Police Clearance Certificate (Criminal History Record)In United States

Police Clearance Certificate (Criminal History Record)In United States By Online

  1. Visit the local police station where you live or where you last lived within the United States.
  2. Link to find the department Click here to use the information provided to find the office address required by law.
  3. When you arrive at the office, ask for authorities to perform a state or local criminal record search. They will present you with a copy of the report which states that there is no evidence of a criminal history.
  4. Police departments in your area may ask for your appearance for them to search you.
  5. Follow the guidelines of the authorities in processing your request for issuance of the certification.
  6. Link to the webpage: link

  • It is important to determine if the country you are planning to conduct the records check demands that it be authenticated
b. Through FBI records check – via mail (postal)

  1. The “Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)” centralizes information on criminal justice and provides current and accurate information to the people who apply.
  2. The FBI offers two ways of seeking the “FBI ID Record” or evidence that the record does exist.
  3. Both US citizens as well as permanent legal residents, as also foreign nationals should follow the procedure for apply for PCC even if they are not in the country.
c. Through local service providers

  1. The applicant must use the services of reputed immigration and Visa processing companies that offer PCC service in order to fulfill your request.
d. By Online United States Police Clearance Certificate (Criminal History Record) Online with images

  1. Visit the portal online: link
  2. The applicant must enter their e-mail address to begin the process of applying at the box below “Enter your email address to start” and click submit to receive confirmation email.
  3. In the mail, applicants will receive a secure link and a personal identification number. It is used to complete the online application according to the letter.
  4. Take your fingerprints using an official fingerprint form (FD-258) on white standard paper stock.
  5. If you are able, have you fingerprints taken with the fingerprinting technician. The service is available in law enforcement agencies. If fingerprints cannot be read and the fingerprint card is rejected, it is rejected. This could result in a delay.
  6. Fingerprints that are taken using ink or by live scan are valid. If your fingerprints were taken using a live scanner device, a hard copy must be created for you to attach it along with the request.
  7. Make sure you pay your fee and receive these information with the documents.
  8. Send your fingerprints along with an original confirmation emails to “FBI Criminal Justice Information Service Division” at the address listed below.FBI CJIS Division
    Attn: SCU, Mod. D-2, 1000 Custer Hollow Rd.,
    Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306.
  9. The secure link as well as the personal identification number is used to determine the condition of the application and for accessing the results.
  10. When the process is finished, FBI will send it to you via:
    1. send emails using a secure hyperlink and personal identification number
    2. First class mail through the U.S. postal service

Procedural for APPLICATION FOR BOTH CITIZENS and NON CITIZENS in U.S and overseas

a. Make an application to CJIS division
  1. Complete the FBI’s application information form.
  2. Link to form: link and Link to contact : link
  3. For requests for family, couple or friends. All participants need to sign the form. Include your full mailing address.
  4. Take a photo of your personal fingerprints. Candidates can request their fingerprint print by a trained fingerprint expert via a accredited agency in the country that you’re applying to.
  5. U.S. embassies and consulates overseas generally don’t offer this service. It is required to provide a current fingerprint card. Any copies or cards that were processed prior to the date of issue are not accepted.
  6. Your name as well as the date of birth should be recorded to the card that contains your fingerprint.
  7. If you are able, have the fingerprints of your child taken by an expert in fingerprinting. This service could be offered through a law enforcement agency. If fingerprints aren’t legible then the fingerprint card is rejected. This can lead to delays.
  8. Fingerprints should be taken on a standard form for fingerprints (FD-258) often employed for application or for law enforcement reasons. It is believed that the FBI accepts fingerprint FD-258 cards that are printed on standard white stock.
  9. Fingerprints made with ink or by live scan are valid. If your fingerprints were taken using a live scanner device it is necessary to have a hard-copy created in order to include it along with the request.
  10. Make sure that there isn’t a mistake in spelling of the name you are applying for.
  11. Please make sure that you include the entire nine-digits, or the last four numbers on the “Social Security number SSN” on the fingerprint card you are using when you submit your request.
  12. Pay the required amount by credit card or cashier’s check or money order in accordance with the guidelines of “Treasury of America”. States”.
  13. Please ensure that you provide all necessary details to ensure that your request is processed properly.
  14. Send your request along with any other documents required to:
    FBI CJIS Division,
    Attn: SCU, Mod. D-2, 1000 Custer Hollow Rd.,
    Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306.
  15. If there isn’t a criminal record, a statement attesting to this fact is made available.
  16. Contact Information Link : link
  17. The request should be accompanied by evidence of identity (consisting of the name, date and location of birth, as well as the rolled-inked fingerprint impressions) as well as a certified cheque or money order to pay the current processing cost.
  18. Following the processing, the applicant will be provided with the name of the person on the record. (copies of the arrest record sent to people).
b. Through FBI records check – via mail (postal)

  1. The “Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)” centralizes criminal justice information and offers current and accurate information to those who apply.
  2. The FBI offers two ways of asking for you to provide your “FBI ID Record” or to prove that a record doesn’t exist.
c. Through an FBI-approved channeler
  1. Requesters can submit their application through an FBI-approved channeler. follow the instructions given by the channeler
  2. Use the following hyperlink to see the list of channelers that are FBI-approved.

  • The channelers who are approved by the FBI are contracted by the FBI to receive fingerprint submissions , as well as pertinent information, pay the fee(s) and electronically transmit the fingerprint submissions along with relevant information into the “FBI CJIS Division” and then receive the electronic results of the record check to be distributed to the individual
Certificates of Authentication that prove the no criminal record

  1. An authenticated certificate may be required at the time of the submission. A certificate from the “FBI’s CJIS Division” will authenticate “U.S. Department of Justice Order 556-73″ fingerprint search results for international inquiries by putting the FBI seal and the signature of an official from the division upon the search results.
  2. Make sure you indicate the country from which the document will be used. Requests to authenticate results that have been processed previously cannot be accepted.

Required Documents For Police Clearance Certificate

  • Application form prescribed for applicants: link
  • Fingerprints from both hands are recorded on an FD 258 Fingerprint card by yourself or authenticated by an authorized organization.
  • Self-attested photocopy of passport along with two identity documents.
  • Social Security Number(if there’s one).
  • PCC Application Fee with Processing fees.
  • The proof of residence document has required.
  • The first entry and the final exit date STAMP.
  • Every page in VISA (colour copies).
  • State police certification (If needed).

Office Locations and Contacts

FBI Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
(202) 324-3000.

FBI CJIS Division,
Attn: SCU, Mod. D-2, 1000 Custer Hollow Rd.,
Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306.
Contacts link: Link


  • A candidate with a current passport and an address evidence
  • If you lived longer than six months in the USA.
  • You must be at least 16 years old. For minors, you must follow instructions from the authorities.
  • Candidates who require of a residence status, employment or a long term visas or to be admitted to a foreign country.


  • Make payment the “Treasury of United Americas” according to the applicable fees
  • Get a money order or cashier’s checks of an amount equal to $18 U.S. dollars made payable to the “Treasury of the United States” per person.
  • Pay with credit card by with the form for credit card payments. Personal checks, cash, or business checks are not accepted.
  • The payment must be made for exactly the amount.
  • If you are requesting one person, a family or friends. Include the amount of $18 per person.
  • If you are requesting several copies per person, you should include $18 per copy.
  • Link to the credit card form for payment: link


The validity period of the certificate is different from country to the country.

Documents to Utilize

Applicant fingerprint Form

Examples of Documents

Sample finger Print

Processing Time

  • Usually, it takes 5-6 weeks in the time
  • It takes longer than 60 days to take to process the mail-in (post) application for police certification.
  • Three to five business days to process electronic checks
  • The processing time will increase when a person is accused by the police


Create a Set Your Fingerprints

  • Your fingerprints must be recorded on a fingerprint form that is standard (FD-258) : FingerPrint Formcommonly utilized for applicant or law enforcement. The FBI accepts FD-258 fingerprint cards made of standard white stock.
  • You must present a current fingerprint card. Cards that have been processed previously or copies won’t be accepted.
  • Your name as well as the date of birth should be recorded to the card that contains your fingerprint.
  • The impressions must be rolled for all fingerprints, as well as impressions for all of the 10 fingerprints simultaneously (these are often called simple or flat impressions).
  • If possible, you should have the fingerprints of your child taken by an expert in fingerprinting. This service could be offered in law enforcement agencies.
  • Fingerprints that are taken using ink or by live scan are valid. If you have your fingerprints taken by a live scan device then a hard copy of the fingerprint is required so that your fingerprints can then be sent at the FBI.
  • To ensure that you get the best legible prints Refer to the recording Legible Fingerprints page. Legible fingerprints. If fingerprints cannot be read the fingerprint card will be rejected. This can lead to delays in processing and can cause additional charges.
  • The address on your reply letter will match that as it appears on your fingerprint card when the application payment, fingerprint, and card are received by mail.
  • The last four numbers of your social security number are required on your response letter, make sure the complete nine digits, or the final four numbers from the Social Security number appear displayed on the fingerprint card before submitting your request.

Submit Payment

  • Choice 1 Pay with a credit card with the Credit Card Form. Form Card payment Don’t forget to mention the expiration date for the credit card you’re using.
  • Option 2. 2. Get a cash payment or check certified for $18 U.S. dollars made payable to the Treasury of the United States. Make sure to confirm the amount where necessary.
  • Note Important note: Personal checks, cash or business checks will not be accepted. Sending any of them will cause delays in the processing of your request.
  • The payment must be in the exact amount.
  • If you are requesting an entire family, couple or other. Include the amount of $18 per person*.
  • The FBI will send one sealed response per request they receive. You are able to create the number of copies you require after receiving your response. Please note that if you require additional sealed responses to be sent in the same envelope or a separate address, you need to make an additional request, along with another payment of $18 per sealed response you request. Additionally, if you require extra copies of the responses that are not required to be sealed in an envelope, you are able to create the number of copies you require after receiving your response.
  • If you’re unable to pay the $18 charge in full, your request for a cancellation of fees should include a claim and proof of your indigency, such as an affidavit notarized of indigence.
  • The FBI does not accept any other payment in order to speed up the processing of your request.

Requirements Information

Check this link to make sure you have all the information required for this procedure : identification history

Documentation is needed

U.S. citizens may be required to show this document for a variety of reasons, including school attendance, adoption or employment.

Information that can be useful

Identification History Summary checks for employment and Licensing
If you’re requesting an investigation into your background for licensing or employment inside the U.S., you may be required by state law or federal legislation to make your request to the State identification agency, your Federal agency or an approved channeling authority.

The FBI’s power in conducting the Identity History Summary check for purposes that are not related to criminal justice is based on Public Law (Pub. L.) 92-544. In accordance with that law it is the FBI has the authority to exchange Identity History Summary information with officials from local and state authorities for licensing, employment–which also includes volunteers–as well as other non-criminal justice functions, when permitted by a state statute that has been ratified by the attorney general of the United States. It is the U.S. Department of Justice has recommended that the state law that sets guidelines for a particular category for employment, or issue of a license should, by itself be fingerprint-based and allow the state licensing or employment agency to exchange fingerprint information in direct contact with FBI.

A Identity History Summary report obtained in accordance with U.S. Department of Justice Order 556-73 may not satisfy requirements for employment. Governmental licensing or employment agencies that are covered by federal laws or state statutes could refuse to take Identity History Summary information directly from the person who is the subject of the summary because there is no way to confirm that the information in the summary has not changed. Furthermore the Identity History Summary provided to the person for review only contains information that is that is maintained in the FBI and could not contain dispositional information or arrest records that are kept only at the state level.

It is recommended to contact the agency that requires fingerprints or any state ID bureau to find out the appropriate steps to take.

External Links

Police Certificate
Criminal records


The Challenge of an Identity History Summary

The FBI is the agency responsible for the preservation of fingerprints as well as related Identity History Summary information for the entire nation. It is not able to alter or alter any Identity History Summary information unless specifically authorized to this by the organization who owns the data. If you think you have an Identity History Summary contains inaccurate or incorrect information, there are three options to request the correction or change:

Option 1 contact the government agency who submitted their information to FBI

  • Incorrect or Missing Information about the State (Non-Federal) Information
  • Many states require that any modifications in Identity History Summary information be handled by their state’s central organization (State Identity Bureau) prior to any changes that need to make to the personal information. Contact your state’s State Identification Bureau for assistance,and should you need to, if appropriate, request to send the FBI with the latest information regarding Your Identity History Summary.Contact details for each state can be found on the list of state identification bureaus.
  • A number of states have their own records system. Record updates are performed on a state-level and the FBI can’t alter its records. Instead the FBI connects to the state’s system to check the records. Information on how to contact states that maintain documents at state-level are listed on the state-owned records list.
  • Incorrect or incomplete Federal Information
  • To receive the federal Identity History Summary updates, the FBI has to be notified directly from the initial agency responsible for the arrest, from a judge who has authority over the arrest information or from a different agency in charge of the arrest information.

Alternative 2: You can electronically send your request for a challenge straight to FBI

Step 1: Visit the website.
Step 2. Follow the steps in section “Challenging Your Identity History Summary” section.
  • If you sent an electronic challenge direct to FBI and you get a response electronically, and the option of receiving an answer via First-Class Mail through the U.S. Postal Service.

Option 3. Send a written request for a challenge to the FBI. FBI

  • Your letter should clearly indicate the information that you believe is incorrect or insufficient. You should also include copies of any evidence or other documentation that can prove your claim.

For instance, if you believe the information you provided about your disposition is wrong or is missing, you could provide documentation from the court with oversight over the arrest, or the prosecutor’s office that is responsible for the crime. The FBI will reach out to appropriate agencies in an effort to check or correct the your entries that are challenged for you. After receiving an official message from the authority that has oversight over the information The FBI will make necessary adjustments and inform you of the results.

  • You may send an Identity History Summary challenge to the FBI by writing to the address below:
FBI CJIS Division
Pay attention: Criminal History Analysis Team 1
1,000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, WV 26306



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