How to Purchase a Property In Uganda

Purchase a Property In Uganda By Online

These are the guidelines to follow when purchasing the home in Uganda.

  1. The first step is to obtain the tax declaration for properties from the Uganda Revenue Authority.
  2. Prior to transferring an asset, the first step to buying a properties in Uganda is to employ an attorney for real estate. A title search of the property is crucial because many locations are not legally registered.
  3. When the property has been selected and a price has been reached then the lawyer will draft an agreement for sale as an initial conditional contract that is that is signed between the parties. After the contract is signed the buyer is required to pay the seller a 10%-30 percent of the purchase cost that is usually refunded when the seller is in default on the contract.
  4. The closing usually takes place within 90 days of the date of signing. At this point the seller has to get an official clearance from the municipal office. The municipality will then present the certificate to the buyer in order to verify that all local utility and tax bills have been paid. The lawyer submits an Draft Transfer at the Lands Office and the stamp duty is then paid.
  5. A representative of The Ministry of Lands will come to inspect the property, confirm the condition of the property and ensure that the amount of the sale is in line with the actual value. The process will take about 2 to 4 weeks for completion.
  6. The lawyer sends the necessary documents at the Lands Office to be able to register the transfer including the original title owned by the seller and clearance certificates, the consent transfer forms and to assess stamp duty. In the meantime the buyer settles the remaining balance with the seller. Lawyer fees and taxes are due within 30 days of the date of closing.
  7. You can buy an investment property in Uganda without having to be within the country. You can appoint a lawyer to manage the entire procedure on behalf of the purchaser with the help of a power of Attorney.
    • The law requires you to get an official property tax declaration through the Property Tax Authority office.
    • This tax certificate forms a component of the application to the Land registry, based on the requirements of the national Law ACT.
    • The intention behind this form of document is act as a proof of property has been subject to an assessment of tax and has been recognized by the taxing authority.
  8. Registration form, which was sent by the purchaser to the Real Estate Registry.
    • After the negotiations and agreement on the all-important conditions of the contract
    • The buyer is responsible for paying the seller the amount he requested,
    • The buyer then goes on to Real Estate Registry to request registration.
    • At this time the buyer has to pay for the Ugsh200.000 charge for registration.
    • The request is then in the process of being transferred internally to Ugandan Surveying registration Board to conduct the survey of the property.
  9. Site inspections conducted by Ugandan Surveying Registration Board. Ugandan Surveying registration Board is carried out by the Ugandan Surveying Registration Board.
    • The Ugandan Surveying registration Board inspects the property, and performs an inspection of the property and then prepares a report of its findings regarding the property .
    • The report is then handed over directly to the Measurement Department.
    • This can be done within 15 days and without cost.
  10. Following that, you must obtain the Measurement Department’s acceptance for the report of inspection as well as then the Real Estate Registrar acceptance of the request to register the property.
    • After inspection by the Ugandan Surveying registration Board inspection The report that was produced has to be accepted from the Measurement Department.
    • The complete report is internally transmitted into the Real Estate Registry for acceptance of
    • the inspection report, and
    • the registration request.
    • The Real Estate Registry also conducts an engineering and legal examination of the request , and then grants an approval to stamp the documents that have been approved in order to authenticate them.
    • The documents that have been approved are issued to the two parties which is the seller and buyer.
    • In this phase the parties will also get an exclusive signed and stamped document from Real Estate Registry, on which they can later print the contract.
    • This can take around 21 days and there is no cost.
  11. The contract’s final version is then presented to the lawyers’ syndicate to be verified and ratified
    • The lawyer of the parties drafts the contract, using the particular form that is available by the Real Estate Registry.
    • The parties/their attorney then deliver(s) this contract to their lawyers’ syndicate to verify:
    • The lawyer who is drafting the contract assigns his syndicate’s identification number to the form. In turn, the lawyers’ syndicate has to verify or certify that the lawyer who is involved is associated with the syndicate.
    • It typically takes 4 days and costs 0.5 percent of the property’s value.
  12. Request approval from the Real Estate Registrar approval of the contract for sale.
  13. After obtaining the contract from the lawyer The parties then hand over it to Real Estate Registry for review and if the document is accepted, it get stamped by Real Estate Registry as approved to be registered.
  14. This usually takes 10 days, and it’s free.

Required Documents For Purchase a Property

  • Documentation on the title and boundaries
  • Planning approval,
  • Building permit,
  • The furniture package and the rental assurance.
  • In the event of the purchase of land, the owner will manage the lease and renewal of a 99 year lease to the buyer. For this service, the seller pays 5% of the cost of the lease at the time of purchase.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban Development,Century Building Parliament Avenue.
P.O.Box 7096 Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: +256 414 373511.
Site: Ministry of Lands

Ministry of Lands,Housing and Urban Development (MLHUD).
Lot 13-15 Parliament Avenue.
P.O. Box 7096 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 373 511
Tel: +256 791-622191
Tel: +256 772-463240
Site: Ministry of Lands Housing and urban Development


  • Anybody who meets one of the following conditions
  • Has Ugandan citizenship, but lives in the United States.
  • Foreign citizens of Ugandan origin
  • Has Ugandan parents lived in Uganda have Ugandan parents in Uganda?
  • If you’re a non-native, you need the necessary visa for entry into Uganda.
  • To be eligible, stipulate the conditions in the process of paying the price.
  • It must be signed by the owner of validity on the land registry under the name of the owner who is the new one.
  • The signature must be of validity on the land registry under the name of the owner who is the new one.
  • To be eligible for land, it is required to be issued a registration with Uganda’s Government of Uganda or signed or approved for authentication.


  • Registration fees are Ugshs.20,000
  • Application fees: Ugshs.100,000
  • Stamp Duty on Draft Transfe 2 – 4percent paid by the buyer
  • Legal Fees 1.5 percent paid by the buyer
  • The Bankers’ Check Charge Ugshs.20,000 (US$7) Buyer
  • Registry Ugshs.15000 (US$6) purchaser
  • Real Estate Agent Fee 1.25% of commission paid by seller
  • Costs incurred by the buyer 3.51 percent + 5.51 Percent
  • Costs borne by the seller 1.25 percent
  • Costs of ROUND-TRIP TRANSACTIONS 4.76% — 6.76%
  • Click here to see a complete list of charges: URSB


  • The document has a validity for a long duration.

Processing Time

  • The procedure can take 3-4 months or longer, depending on the level of complexity.


  • To obtain a property tax report, visit the Property Tax Authority office.
  • Buyers need to be aware that there’s an additional cost known as a ‘buyers commission’.
  • You will require an experienced Ugandan lawyer throughout the process.
  • Contracts with lawyers must always be in English and in any Local language.
  • If you are a non-native you will require an entrance visa.
  • This is required for the process of obtaining a residence in Uganda to grant your lawyer the power to appear in the court on your behalf to record your property.
  • It is also necessary to apply for a residence Entry Visa which are usually valid for a year if you’re an international citizen.
  • You are entitled to sell your property at any time

The Information You Need

  • Conditions for paying for the price of purchase.
  • Official Property Tax Statement provided by the Property Tax Authority office.
  • Information from the Real Estate Registry to confirm whether the property is registered. .

The Document is required

  • There are freehold properties in Uganda . Foreigners can purchase commercial class property in Uganda. This kind of land is intended for the purpose of earning income or making revenue. Foreigners can purchase this land and develop it.
  • There is also land for lease for 99 years in different parts of Uganda like in Kampala,Jinja,Mukono,among others.
  • There are leasehold and freehold kinds of land. Most of the it is the latter that are Uganda is owned by the government. It is available for lease for 50-99 years.if you’re considering to purchase a home in Uganda you must be aware of two things
  1. To purchase a brand new property “Off the plan” or a building under construction. This is generally costly.
  2. To purchase an Old property, you must purchase it from a new development usually, the prices are set but there is space for negotiation. However,
  3. If you are buying property various parts of Uganda in a resale transaction can be a good opportunity to negotiate price.
  • Many Ugandan developers and property owners prefer a cash payment which is better for the buyer since it usually results in a discount on purchase of about five percent, and can also include credit arrangements for longer periods for the repayments.

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