How To Register a Birth In Argentina

How To Register a Birth In Argentina

  1. Visit the Civil Registry Office. Bring all the documents you need.
  2. Bring the documents in and submit them.
  3. You can register that your baby was born with the help of the form.
  4. Following registration, you’ll be issued with your child’s birth certificate (Acta of Nacimiento) along with the identification documents of your baby (DNI).

Documents that are required Register a Birth

  • A notarized and signed medical document of date of birth (Certificado de Nacimiento)
  • Original passports of parents as well as photocopies
  • Certificate of marriage (For parents that were married outside Argentina translation or certified copy of the wedding certificate is required.)

Office Locations and Contacts

Civil Registry Office

Registro Provincial de las Personas
Calle 1 N 1342 esq. 60
(1900) La Plata

Tel: +54 (0221) 429-6200

Email: Departamento de Relaciones con la Comunidad

What Are All The Eligibility

  • If the parents of both were born in Argentina and both were married in Argentina, either of them can visit the office of civil registration, armed with the necessary documents.
  • When both parents are not married they need to visit an office for civil registers and present the appropriate documents.


Birth registration is free.


Documentation is needed

Every birth in Argentina need to be recorded. The birth should be done by the end of the forty (40) day. The registration can be made at the hospital or the Civil Registry Office (Registro Civil).

Information that could be helpful

Every child who is born within Argentina automatically gains Argentine citizenship. Parents who weren’t birthed in Argentina but who have children born in Argentina are able to apply for permanent residence.

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How To Register a Birth In Argentina
How To Register a Birth In Argentina

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