How To Register a Death In Argentina

How To Register a Death In Argentina

  1. Visit your nearby Civil Registry Office. Bring along all the documents required.
  2. Submit the documents.
  3. In the event of a death, you can register it by filling out an application.


  • All documents must be completed and approved at the Civil Registry before permission is granted to inter the body.
  • If the deceased wishes to be buried in a different location documents will be required from the civil registry for the location of burial.
  • If there’s a mistake on the declaration of death or other supporting documentation hasn’t been submitted, there’s usually a fee. In the absence of any supporting documents, the municipality will require two individuals with IDs who know the deceased well to fill out the declaration form.

Documents Required Register a Death

  • IED certification issued by the medical professional who has pronounced demise (Informe of Estadstico de Defuncin)
  • Passport or National Identity Document (Documento Nacional de Identidad – DNI) of the deceased
  • Affidavit (declaration Jurada) which is signed by a loved one or funeral house (funeraria) to confirm the identity of the deceased, along with documents to prove. This could include:
    • Birth date and birthplace and the names of parents on birth certificate
    • Marital status Marriage certificate or death certificates of the spouse, if the spouse is widowed or deceased.
    • Death certificate (Certificado de defuncin)
    • A unique identification code of the individual or funeral home that registers the death

Office Locations and Contacts

Registro Provincial de las PersonasCalle 1 N 1342 esq. 60
(1900) La Plata

Tel: +54 (0221) 429-6200

Email: Departamento de Relaciones con la Comunidad

What Are All The Eligibility

Family member or friend or friend of the dead.


There is no cost for the process of registering the death. However, the administrative fee needs to be paid to get the burial permit (licencia of inhumacin). This process.


  • If there is a death within families the relative or friend of the deceased person must notify the doctor who has certified the death.
  • If death occurs under suspicious circumstances or that of a person who is not yours, it should be reported to police (Tel 101).
  • A doctor issues a death certificate (Certificado de defuncin) and an Informe Estadstico de Defuncin (IED) certificate. The IED provides information about dates of death, and is used to calculate statistics only.
  • To find a local Registry Office, click on the link:

Documentation is needed

Deaths in Argentina is required to be registered with an local Civil Registry within two (2) working days. This is the procedure for how to declare the death.

Information that could be helpful

For information from the Buenos Aires government on registration of a death in Argentina:

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How To Register a Death In Argentina
How To Register a Death In Argentina

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